Comparing Tarte NEW Face Tape Foundation to Original Shape Tape Matte Foundation

After last year’s failure of a foundation launch by Tarte, they went on the wayside for most influencers. From a terrible shade range for both formulas and repackaging a foundation and claiming it as being new in that same launch. This flop also came with the excuse that they didn’t release darker shades because these were the “winter shades” and the darker ones came later in the summer. No one bought that and canceled them. To start off the year of 2019 they released a new foundation called Face Tape, which includes 50 shades ranging from very fair to very deep. The Face Tape foundation is supposed to be the remastered version of the Matte Shape Tape Foundation, and both were inspired by their iconic shape tape concealer. Their slogan for this release was: “You asked, we listened.” A bit late to be honest, as I mentioned they did expand the original range but at that point everyone had started looking for dupes of the concealer so they had alternatives to that. And stopped talking about their products.

Now in all fairness, I did try out both the matte and hydrating Shape Tape Foundations six months after they initially released it when they had expanded the foundation ranges. I did a post on those so check that out here if you want to see my opinions on those. I have used those foundations quite often as I liked the finish and they wore nicely throughout the day. I am approaching the point with both of them where they have run out, so I thought I would try out the new Face Tape Foundation to see how it compares. I’m solely going to compare it to the Matte Foundation since it’s supposed to be similar to that one or so the description of the foundation would suggest.

Unlike the original Shape Tape Foundation, this foundation includes a pump instead of a large doe-foot applicator for $39 with the standard 1.01 oz of product. The Face Tape Foundation is supposed to be long-wearing (12 hours), full coverage, and mattifying while hydrating and brightening your appearance with their skinvigorating ingredients. As I mentioned in the beginning this comes with 50 shades with 5 undertones. It’s also supposed to be transfer-proof, waterproof and sweat-proof. The following are the skinvigorating ingredients that give you a bit of skin care mixed into the foundation along with what they are supposed to do:

  • Snow Mushroom Extract: rich in polysaccharides & helps hydrate & brighten skin
  • Apple Fruit Extract: rich in antioxidants to help protect skin against free-radicals
  • Hyaluronic Acid: delivers moisture, firmness & suppleness

For this comparison, I did Face Tape Foundation on one side of my face and Shape Tape Matte Foundation on the other. Initially comparing the two they look almost identical. There was a dry patch on the Face Tape side that was obvious. Which is exactly how the Shape Tape Matte foundation is when first applied as well, so at the start of wearing I had a feeling it was going to wear insanely similar. As Shape Tape Matte starts off looking dry then over time it starts to look and wear better. So I wasn’t going to write off the foundation just yet as if you don’t look super up close like within inches of my face, you don’t notice that and it looks pretty nice on the skin.

And here is how it looks 11 hours later. I love the finish of the foundation and it wears really nicely throughout the day. It doesn’t look great at first but it wears wonderfully when you give it time to warm up to the face. Yes there are few dry patches but you only notice them if you look insanely close up to the skin.

Comparing it to the original Shape Tape Matte Foundation, they look almost identical on the skin. However, they do have formulas. So if you had wanted to try the foundation but didn’t as they had a horrible shade range, this one is a good alternative. What do you think?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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