Creative Ideas to Decorate Your Front Door

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People decorate their homes for numerous reasons. Some do it to raise their home’s curb appeal, while others prefer to accentuate their individuality by translating it into a home design. Front door décor touches on both of these subjects and as such, can be designed in a number of different, creative ways. From decorative frames to feathers and flowers, here are some of the most interesting ways you can decorate your front door.

Letters and monograms

Fancy letters and monograms are an ideal way to honor your family name, as well as decorate your door. The use of giant monograms on front doors has seen an increase in popularity over the last couple of years and the trend will likely persist in the future. You can make them yourself using materials from the craft store or you can order some exquisite lettering online. They can be made out of wood, metal, plastic, fabric, twine, glass, paint and even moss.

Picture frames

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Door frames are an excellent alternative to wreaths, and are extremely simple to make and install. You can use a frame from an old picture, buy a completely new one or even make one yourself. The color is completely up to you and your personal taste, just make sure that it matches your overall design and color scheme. Door frames can further be decorated with various hanging ornaments and structural lines for an additional level of visual depth.

Personalized welcome

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One of the best ways to add a personal touch to your front door is to pay homage to the crafts and hobbies you love. For example, if you like knitting, you can always group yarn-covered balls into a wreath or if you’re a graphic designer, you can add an interesting graphic to showcase your work. Small details like these send a clear message that you’re passionate about your work and that you’re not afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to decorating.

Hanging flowers

Flowers and flower baskets can look absolutely amazing if executed properly. Refrain from using fake flowers as they send off a tacky vibe, no matter how cost-efficient and easy-to-manage they may be. If you really like this idea, make sure you use fresh foliage and instead of cutting down flowers just to hang them from your front door, try using miniature pots or baskets. Just remember to maintain and water them regularly. The last thing you want is to welcome your guest with dead foliage.

Layers upon layers

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Contrary to what you might think, having a single element to decorate your front door may not always be enough and can stick out like a sore thumb. If that’s the case with your front door, you might want to consider layering multiple items on and around the door. You can mix bows and lush greenery with twigs, ice skates and red pillows to create that Christmassy feel or use salvaged wooden and metal elements to add a more rustic look to your front door.

A dash of local

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Most people decorate their front doors using fir, pine and spruce. These are fine choices indeed, albeit somewhat traditional and perhaps overly-used. If you wish to use greenery and avoid looking like every other household in the neighborhood, consider using local types of foliage and evergreens. Don’t be afraid to experiment and remember to add some flowering buds to add color and life into the otherwise predominantly green area.

Custom locks and knobs

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Besides ornaments that can be placed on the door, you can also be very creative with the indoor elements such as knobs and locksets. The default handles that come with your door might already look good, but there are numerous options to explore in order to add to the overall décor. You can order completely custom-made metal handles that depict various animals, plants and objects, or find a good locksmith from Parramatta and check your options with them. Keep in mind that pre-made elements usually cost less than custom-made ones, but with them you can rarely achieve that wonderful look you’re going for.

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These are just some of the most popular options for front door décor people have been using over the last couple of years. Some can easily be achieved with some elbow grease and patience, while other may require you to call in the professionals to help you install them. Your choices are endless and in the end, you’re only limited by your budget and your imagination. Just be careful, some designs are made to stand out and draw attention, but they should still match the overall design.

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