Cruelty Free Eyeliners That I Basically Live In

One of my makeup everyday staple is eyeliner ever since I was eleven years old. Much to my mother’s disapproval but she couldn’t stop me from having raccoon eyes for many years. And my overall eyeliner application has done better, I don’t have raccoon eyes anymore but I can’t say that some days my eyes don’t go out of control. Especially when my wing goes from a kitten wing to an elephant wing. So I thought it would be a good idea to start a new series that instead of reviewing new products that I would just share the ones I always live in. So what better product to start with then the product that started it all for me.

These are all products I’ve used for years not just since I made the switch to cruelty free. Not that it makes a difference but some days with other products I still miss those formulas and had yet to find anything similar to them. But for eyeliners they have basically always been these ones that I swear by. None of them are in any particular order. As I live in each of these equally. It really just depends on what one I find first in my eyeliner tin that sits on top of my makeup collection.

My favorite eyeliners are those with felt tips as I find them the easiest to work with. They have great precision and help me get the best flick possible. I know a lot of YouTubers I follow hate felt tip, but it doesn’t matter to me I find them to be the easiest since they remind me of a pen. There are three eyeliners in this category that I always reach for:

Note: One of them is not pictured as I need to get a new one and Pixie found the liner within reach and destroyed the remains. That being the Ciate London Fierce Flicks eyeliner.

Now I don’t put liquid liner in my waterline as that’s not going to stay put. Some people might have luck with that but I don’t, it just runs into my eye or turns into streaks down my cheek. No thank you. So instead for this I use a kohl liner. These are the ones that I tend to reach for the most in my collection, not really stating the color as it just depends on the look I’m going for that day… I’m more focusing on formula:

What eyeliners do you reach for all of the time?

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