Cruelty Free Foundations That I Basically Live In

For this week’s edition of cruelty free products that I basically live in, I thought it would be only right to cover the base of all looks: foundations. Now I normally put primers and moisturizer on first but those will be in a future post on this series. Foundations I can honestly very between wearing it and wanting medium to full coverage to not wearing foundation at all. It really just depends on how I feel that day. And it doesn’t matter if I have breakouts that day or not. I am totally fine with just some concealer on these days. There’s no rime or reason to when I decide to put on a full face of foundation to days where I don’t.

Typically I like a matte foundation but there is one on this list that I would argue has a satin finish. Granted it’s supposed to be a more dewy looking foundation.

I’ve been debating on trying some new foundations as even though I live in these, I still am not overly in love with them. Minus the Wet’n’Wild PhotoFocus, that one has to be my all time favorite out of all of these. But I’m still looking for that cruelty free dupe of L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation… but I have not seen nor experienced one similar to that yet since NARS is no longer cruelty free. And everyone I’ve seen only compares them to each other. It was my ride or die before hand and I would seriously love to find something almost identical but also cruelty free. The search will continue, I have a few in mind that I want to try out including:

I know it’s a lot but these ones all have good reviews from what I have seen so I want to try them out. Plus I love switching between foundations all the time so my skin doesn’t random decide it can no longer stand it. As it does quite often if I wear any foundation for more than two weeks in a row. My skin will literally decide it hates the formula and decide to act out in breakouts. It doesn’t matter if I clean my makeup off at night or use all the right skincare. My skin will reject the foundation it was fine with for days. So I never wear the same foundation for more than four days in a row just to be on the safe side.

What foundations do you live in?


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