December 2016 Goals

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This past month I have felt so accomplished! For the first time in many months I’ve managed to had a gaming video almost daily on my gaming channel (which is going to be repurposed a little in the future), and at least 1-2 videos on my main channel every week. I also finished the Goddess Collection though that wasn’t on my goal list for the month of November. And that has made me so happy to get that project done. So it was off my list of things to finish, and I know there will be no time in December to do another Goddess Collection look as I’ll be focused solely on Christmas/Holiday themed topics.

I also got my brand new Canon Rebel EOS T6 camera and have been taking it almost everywhere with me to take pictures. I am so unbelievably happy about it. I’m even thinking about creating some photo packs, if you’re interested let me know. As I have some good ideas for some packs.

November Goals

  • Finish setting up the main floor with furniture and decorations. We managed to get a bunch of free pieces of furniture from our families so the main floor finally is fully furnished, which is makes it feel so much more like a home than it did before.
  • Update my closet to finally move summer clothes to the back and fall clothes to the front. This I did as well as donate some old pieces that I no longer wanted.
  • Play around with making my own makeup, it’s something I’ve been into the thought of and I want to see where that goes. I have been experimenting with different recipes but haven’t found anything that I really want to use at the moment.
  • Bake some seasonal desserts to enjoy throughout the month. I made cupcakes that were Halloween themed, yes a month late but they’re festive in a way.
  • Finally get my budget to a spot where I’m not scraping to pay all my bills. Either by changing how I go about the budget or picking up more income somehow. This was the only thing I didn’t manage to do. And mainly because I spent a lot of money for things when I probably shouldn’t have.

December Goals

  • Go through my makeup collection and get rid/donate products I do not use.
  • Take some game development courses online.
  • Continue playing around with making makeup product, and find a product I enjoy.
  • Finish catching up with Once Upon a Time.
  • Make Christmas cookies and Red Velvet cake.
  • Go see some Christmas lights around Minnesota.
  • Decorate the entire house for Christmas.
  • Finish working on nerdy blog so it can launch by end of month. There will be an announcement for when this launches on my Twitter.
  • Get better lights/microphone for YouTube videos.

What are your goals for this month?

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