December 2017 Goals

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This month has been stressful as all hell from having to suddenly move out of my apartment to my mom’s house. So a lot of things I wanted to go and my roadmap for the next year, hit a major road block and I’ve had to revalutate a lot of items. To the point, where I’ve made the decision that this will be my last month doing monthly goals. Starting next year, I’m purely just going to do goals on a quarterly basis considering a lot of things that I need to do will take place over several months. Plus I’m kind of struggling with come up with ideas for goals to hit every single month. Sure I could mention, have thanksgiving with the family for November or celebrate Christmas in December. But those aren’t meaningful considering it’s not something that I might miss. So adding it onto the list seems like I’m just trying to make sure there’s something that I will for sure have a box to check off. Thus born the idea to do away with monthly goals. But I didn’t want to just leave it off on mine from November, so here’s one final one.

November Goals Revisited

  • Get an apartment booked or name on wait list to move in the beginning of April. Granted my lease is up at the end of April. I want a week or so to move and not be so rushed. HAHAHAHAHA. Oh when this was still a goal. I do need to move again in April, but I have a bad feeling this is going to get ten times harder considering I can’t save up like I was planning on doing. So it might be pushed a month or two, and I’m half tempted to see if I would qualify for a mortage to buy a house instead.
  • Spray paint my new/used headboard, end tables, and other furniture black. Considering it will be too cold when it comes to moving to do this. Didn’t get around to doing this so that will be an action item prior to my real move in April.
  • Get a full-size frame and get rid of queen sized box spring. Didn’t get around to doing this so that will be an action item prior to my real move in April.
  • Go through shoes and donate/get rid of all shoes that I don’t wear or are broken. Done! Had to get rid of a bunch prior to moving back in with my mom.
  • Since I’ll have gotten paid I need to: get new wallet and replace my Driver’s License and Social Security Card. As well as get new debit card from the bank and get a hold of every account I have memberships with to see if I can get new cards. After getting new debit card, update billing on every payment/bill so those don’t have issues. Still need to do.
  • Save up money for moving (moving company, furniture removal since there are a lot of big pieces I’m going to have to part ways with, furniture purchase to replace the ones I am getting rid of for smaller units, deposit/ admin fees, etc.). Well it’s still a thing I need to do, but the timeline has been greatly changed.
  • Pay off credit cards (this will probably be on several monthly goals) so I don’t have to deal with these after I move as this will help me from being as broke and allow me to afford more than a 400 sq. ft. apartment in the Twin Cities. As there’s no way in hell I’m getting rid of Pixie just to have an apartment that’s cheaper. Granted she would go to my mom, but she’s my dog and I’m not moving without her. Want to have this done prior to moving.

December Goals

  • Renew my car tabs, get a new driver’s license and social security card.
  • Get a full bed frame considering I had to get rid of my queen box spring during the move so right now I’m sleeping on my mattress that’s on the floor. I can’t stand it so I need to get a bed frame with a built in box spring so I’m not on the ground anymore.
  • Finally finish the Life Through Death Painting Series. The last painting is going to be the flower lungs and ribs hybrid painting.
  • Manage to get Christmas presents and pay bills without going in the hole.
  • Work on no longer hitting the snooze button when the alarm goes off in the morning.

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