Decorating for Halloween

outdoor halloween sign

Halloween is my favorite holiday and luckily it's also Harley's. So we went crazy on decorations. From starting to collect a Halloween village to covering the entire main floor in Halloween decorations that we got from Michael's, thrift stores, and Target. And we aren't even finished decorating yet for the holiday. We are waiting on a few items to arrive to the house. And I really love how it's turning out. So I wanted to share a few of my favorite decorations that we have up at the moment.

halloween village

This is the start of our Halloween village. It's so far just a tower and a gate but we're hoping to expand this in the future. As this is so cute! I love little villages during the holidays. I don't know what about them excites me so much. Maybe it's just the thought of looking at these before going to see Santa plays as a child.

halloween decor
candles halloween

And yes, this decoration is going to be up through most of November. We agreed this would happen and November would be the "Nightmare before Christmas" month. So would literally both Christmas and Halloween decorations up at the same time.