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Deltarune: Connections to Undertale



Toby Fox recently launched a new game called Deltarune, well more specifically just the first chapter of the game. Which is very, very similar in look and storytelling as Undertale. But from first and second playthrough of the game it is not directly connected together. As in one of is not a sequel or prequel of the other. Toby Fox even states they are different on his Twitter. However, there are still a lot of connections between the games so what are those?


The title of the game Deltarune is an anagram of Undertale.

Same goes with the character Asriel from the first game. They have two references in the game. The first being that Asriel is your brother in the game who is off at college and returning the following week. And the other is in the Dark World there is a character named Ralsei, which as you guessed is an anagram of Asriel.


You will see a lot of familiar faces in Deltarune as in Undertale. However, there is one major difference. None of them know each other or recall their time in Undertale. You won’t see everyone from the first game but a good assortment of them, I’m going to list them in the order they appear:


The main symbol shown throughout the game is the Dreamer family sigil. So it is possible the worlds are mirrors of each other thus allowing there to be a light world and a dark world with different realities to Undertale.


The location has the incorrect spelling in both Undertale and Deltarune. Also if you go into the library at the end of the game, the monster that blocks access to the rest of the books looks similar to one of Gaster’s followers in Undertale.

References to Deltarune in Undertale

One of the shop keepers in Undertale told stories about Delta Rune in the waterfall area. In the same area the clam girl takes about their friend named Suzy who is the same age as Frisk and Chara. That clam girl is one of Gaster’s followers that doesn’t allows appear in Undertale.

The Doors

The teleportation doors that let you fast travel use the same graphics as the door to Sans’ room in Undertale, suggesting that this might be how he warped around the world so fast.


At the end of the game, checking the gravestones in town will reference monsters that were part of the amalgams in Alphys’ hidden lab in Undertale. There is also a gravestone for Gerson, one of the shop owners in Undertale.

Did I miss any other connections? Let me know in the comments!

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