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Disney: Connecting the Movies – Frozen, Tangled, and Tarzan


In today’s installment of connecting the Disney movies together we’re going to focus more on Frozen, Tangled, and Tarzan. One of them is supported very heavily in the films while one is a fan theory that I don’t personally 100% agree with, but felt it was worth sharing considering even the co-director agrees with it.

Family Connection – Tangled & Frozen

This is supported very heavily during the course of Frozen. Anna and Elsa are cousin’s with Rapunzel from Tangled. To begin with the King & Queen of Arendelle leave on their ship to attend a wedding which will be a two weeks journey. Based off the two movies: Tangled and Frozen, they take place in real life Germany and Norway respectfully. Which does support the boat distance between the two locations. Also Tangled came out three years prior to Frozen, when the movie flashes forward after the death of the King & Queen three years have passed.

On Coronation day, for a split second you can see Rapunzel and Flynn Rider make an appearance with the other guests. And the characters do share a lot of similar characteristics. It is debated whether which parent from each couple is related to the other set. I’ve seen theories for all of them being related in some way. Regardless, it is safe to assume someone is related thus supporting the reason they make appearance in each other’s tales.

Family Connection – Frozen & Tarzan

There is a fan theory that I have seen time and time again, that the King and Queen of Arendelle didn’t die in the shipwreck, but rather washed ashore somewhere in Africa where they later gave birth to Tarzan then killed by the leopard. The portraits are very similar between the two considering if you extend the mustache of the King it would look like Tarzan’s father. Also untame the Queen’s hair and she looks like the mother. But that’s only based off this picture in sepia tone. If you look at the parents as shown in Tarzan, the father has dark brown hair while the mother has red-ish hair. So the reverse of King and Queen of Arendelle.

The director of Frozen did confirm this theory as well:

“When you’re working on a feature, you have a lot of time to think about stuff because it takes four years to make one. I think Jen [Lee] and I were walking to a meeting, and I just start to tell her the entire story. I said, ‘Of course Anna and Elsa’s parents didn’t die,’” he added. “Yes, there was a shipwreck, but they were at sea a little bit longer than we think they were because the mother was pregnant, and she gave birth on the boat, to a little boy. They get shipwrecked, and somehow they really washed way far away from the Scandinavian waters, and they end up in the jungle. They end up building a tree house and a leopard kills them, so their baby boy is raised by gorillas. So in my little head, Anna and Elsa’s brother is Tarzan — but on the other side of that island are surfing penguins, to tie in a non-Disney movie, ‘Surf’s Up.’ That’s my fun little world. I say, whatever people want to believe, go for it. If you want to tie them all together, then do it. That’s the spirit of Disney.”
— Chris Buck (Co-Director) on MTV News special screening of the Walt Disney Animation Studios Shorts Collection on Sunday (August 9)

But if this theory were true, there’s no way in hell The Little Mermaid one is because that’s a bit too far to drift from Denmark all the way to the jungles of Africa. They would’ve landed on one of the other countries in Europe if that were true. Which theory do you agree with: The Little Mermaid or Tarzan? I personally more agree with The Little Mermaid theory. Cause there’s no hair dye back then to make this happen. But as Chris Buck said, believe what you want.

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