Disney: Connecting the Movies – Monsters Inc, Toy Story, Brave

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This is the final article in the “Connection the Disney Movies” series, but I might do some more in the future if I find or discover another interesting theory about the movies. In today’s article, we’re going to be connecting Monsters Inc., Toy Story 3, and Brave together. And these all revolve around the character Boo from Monsters Inc., with her pursuit to find Sully “Kitty”.

BooToy Story 3

This one isn’t a crazy theory. More of just an observation during Toy Story 3 during the movie we are shown a glimpse of the little girl on the right at Sunnyside that strikingly looks just like Boo but a little older. And of course she’s playing with a kitty that has similar colors and stripes like Sully from Monsters Inc.



There are rumors that Pixar will be releasing a sequel to Monsters Inc. called Boo which will bring back one of our favorite characters all grown up who hasn’t seen Mike or Sully in years. But as that’s only rumors, one of my favorite theories is that Boo grew up trying to figure out how to return to the world of Monsters Inc. but ended up in the past and becomes the witch in Brave. And there are a few reasons that hint at this:

  1. She has a craving in her hut of Sully.
  2. She disappears behind doors. Or has doors that seemingly takes her to other worlds/places almost like magic.
  3. Wisps show you magic you need to solve your issues, who’s to say they aren’t trying to help Boo figure out how to get back to her monster.
  4. Number in Monsters University appears in Brave on the door frame of the witch’s hunt. This number being A113.


What do you think? Is it Boo in Brave trying to get back to “Kitty”?

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