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Disney Inspired Makeup Lookbook


So I asked on my Instagram and Twitter which series everyone would like to see between: Disney Movies and Famous Paintings. And as the title of this post may suggest, it was voted on that we would do Disney Inspired Looks. Which is actually what I was kind of hoping for as I freaking love Disney. While the famous painting would be more of a challenge since I literally have no idea what paintings I would do. I might do that series in the future, but here is the entire series that was inspired by some of my favorite movies.

1. Lion King Opening Scene Inspired Look

So the first look I decided to go with was a look inspired by the opening scene of The Lion King. Not going to lie as a child I watched The Lion King and The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride almost all of the time. To the point where I would pretend to be a lion while watching the movie. Plus they are making a live action version of this and the trailer was the iconic opening scene. So I look the red paint smear across the forward and put the rising sun inside of that.

Products used to create this look:

2. Beauty and the Beast: Prologue Stained Glass Inspired Look

Before the more recent era of Disney came out, I loved Beauty and the Beast as my favorite princess movie. It no longer holds that spot. One of the other looks in this series holds that spot and possibly always will going forward. The Prologue sequence in Beauty and the Beast is so iconic I had to recreate it. I’ve always wanted to create a look inspired by that opening sequence, but never got around to it as I didn’t think I had the time for it as this took around three hours. But I decided to finally make this look a reality when everyone on Twitter and Instagram voted for the Disney movie series. And I’m glad I did as I love how this turned out.

Products used to create this look:

3. Finding Nemo: Dory Inspired Eyeshadow

For the next look, I decided to take inspiration from our clueless, Blue Tang friend, Dory, from Finding Nemo. And I really wanted to add some glitter. I am not wearing colored contacts, I photoshopped the purple eyes to match what Dory has in the movie.

Products used to create this look:

4. Jungle Book: Kaa in the Foliage

When I initially wrote out all of the things I wanted to do for this Disney series, I didn’t have something for the Jungle Book. I was actually going to do something for Toy Story but I couldn’t get a look that looked just right. Then I saw RawBeautyKristi do a look of caged foliage, and instantly I was like Kaa! So this is what came out of that concept. I’m not 100% sure about the freckled yellow/orange center, I thought the space was feeling empty. Plus I got inspired for this look from RawBeautyKristi who did something similar in the center in her face

Products used to create this look:

5. Tangled Flag Inspired Eyeshadow

We’ve come to my all time favorite movie by Disney, that being Tangled. As I like to say I’m very similar to Rapunzel in that scene after she leaves the tower for the first time. Maybe not in the span of a few hours, but rather every few weeks thanks to Bipolar Disorder. So I just had to do something inspired by my favorite movie. And the most iconic thing from the movie next to the lantern scene is the purple and yellow flag. So I wanted to incorporate that into this series.

Products used to create this look:

6. Maleficent Lip Art

Lip art is the one form of makeup I love looking at other people’s work, but I would not consider myself great at. So I wanted to give it a shot with this Maleficent inspired lip art which was originally created by @depechegurl on Instagram. I saw the look on Pinterest and wanted to try it myself for this Disney series.

Products used to create this lip art:

7. Moana: Kakamora with Moana’s Necklace Inspired Eyeshadow

This look was actually requested, or rather the movie was by Jonia on Instagram to do a look from Moana. So I went back and watched the movie. And got really inspired to do this look inspired by Moana’s necklace that holds the Heart of Te Fiti. With the Kakamora next to it as if it had just stolen the necklace. Kakamora if you haven’t seen the movie is a tribe of pirate coconuts and all of them have different masks so this Kakamora’s mask is a combination of a few different ones you can see in the film.

Products used to create this look:

8. Frozen: Anna’s Winter Dress Inspired Eyeshadow

Next up is a look inspired by Frozen. Which is still arguably the most advertised Disney movie at this current time. As much as I love Elsa and might still do a look inspired by her, I had to go with Anna’s winter dress. Or her main dress of the movie.

Products used to create this look:

9. Mulan: Honor to Us All Inspired Eyeshadow

For Mulan, I got torn between three different concepts so I asked on Twitter and Instagram for some assistance. Well I got equal votes between doing an eyeshadow look inspired by one of Mulan’s outfits (the matchmaker dress) and the lucky cricket. Lucky both the introduction of the lucky cricket and that dress where from the same music number “Honor to Us All.” So I decided to combine the two looks into one. I’m not sure if it’s as swift as a coursing river or has the force of a great typhoon but I thought it was a bit of fun.

Products used to create this look:

Which look was your favorite and what series would you like me to do in the future? Might do a few more Disney here and there but I need a bit of a break after these nine looks.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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