DIY Bauble Christmas Wreath

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Last year I made my own Christmas Wreath using tissue paper and some ornaments. And so I thought this year I would make another one, but this time I’m making it out of a wire cloth hanger and Christmas bauble ornaments. Which is probably the easiest wreath to make but looks so good!

Materials Needed:

  • Craft Foam Wreath
  • Ornaments (I used about 50)
  • Hot Glue
  • Optional: Anything else you want to include


This is super easy, you just hot glue all your ornaments onto the foam wreath. Now originally I was going to make this by stringing the baubles onto a wire hanger. But it fell apart about three times and I had enough with that method. So hot glue and foam craft wreath was the answer. I used a variety of baubles that ranged from small to medium to large all in white, metal tones, and blues. Once your entire wreath is covered in Christmas ornaments you can add any additional decorations you choose.

If you make your own Christmas/Holiday Wreath, what are/did you make this year?

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