DIY Custom Flair Pins Using Shrinky Dinks

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One thing I’ve been really getting into lately are flair pins, I think they add a nice touch to your hats, jackets and/or vests. Plus they are super trendy right now so why not make some of our own. For this project, I’m going to be using a crafting material that I used to use all the time as a child, Shrinky Dink. As well as other items that I have around the house.

I made a handful of pins with various designs. I also messed around with one batch being made with acrylic paint and one using permanent markers. Some of the designs I went for were various foods, monsters, animals, and holiday themed items. Plus throw on a denim vest and a choker so you have the perfect 90’s vibe.


  • Shrinky Dink Paper
  • Permanent Markers or Acrylic Paint
  • Push Pins
  • Hot Glue or Super Glue
  • Scissors
  • … an oven, because you know you need something to shrink the designs with.


  1. Print out or draw your designs onto the Shrinky Dink paper. Color in the designs with permanent markers, and then cut the shapes out using scissors.
  2. Watch your design shrink to half the size in a 350-degree (Fahrenheit) oven. Should take around three minutes. The design will curl up then flatten back out. Make sure it flatten outs before taking out your pin.
  3. Glue push pins onto the back of the design and pair with a pin back. I used hot glue for this.

Three of the designs I did were actually too small for the push pins. And next time I do this project, as I want a lot more pins I’m going to make these a lot bigger when I’m drawing. What is your favorite flair pin/design?

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