Do I Look More Youthful? Pixi by Petra Skin Treats: Collagen & Retinol Serum and Collagen Eye Serum Review

One thing I have never been good at in my twenty five almost twenty six years of life is skin care. And this has been the first year I’ve started to see my skin actually age. Nothing crazy but the fine lines in my forehead became noticeable with and without makeup. And under my eyes look like I’m a skeleton at times with how dark they are. So 2019 is the year I actually take skin care seriously. I already started it with Tarte Timeless Smoothing Primer last month and I thought I would continue on with trying new things starting with some skin treats from Pixi by Petra, specially the Collagen & Retinol Serum and the Collagen Eye Serum.

Collagen & Retinol Serum

Unique concentrated formula of collagen, retinol and vitamins to help restore natural plumpness & elasticity. Helps to soften fine lines and revive skin’s natural radiance.

Pixi by Petra

Includes the following ingredients: acacia collagen (plumps & boosts elasticity), hyalronic acid (firms & hydrates), and adenosine (soothes & smoothes).

Collagen Eye Serum

Formulated to help boost collagen levels to restore and revitalize the delicate skin around the eye area. Lightweight and quick absorbing, this rich serum helps plump, hydrate and brighten, preserving youthful looking skin.

Pixi by Petra

Includes the following ingredients: acacia collagen (plumps & boosts elasticity), retinol (smoothes & refines), and chamomile (calms & soothes).

Results & Experience

I’ve been using these collagen serums for a month (30 days), before I get into the results here are the before pictures of my skin.

My skin wasn’t too bad but second I put foundation on, I swear every fine line in my skin would just scream “Hello! Here I Am!” Normally I’m not one to blur out or use facetune on any of my pictures. I like the natural look, not the polished doll like appearance as some people go for on Instagram. But there were a few times I would blur out some of the lines in my forehead. Since trying the Pixi by Petra collagen serums I haven’t needed to once. The lines are still there but aren’t as noticeable to me anymore. Also my under eyes aren’t as dark. I mean they are still darker than the rest of my face but I don’t have to use as much concealer to feel like it’s hidden. As I do think my skin looks more radiant without looking oily or covered in more breakouts than usual.

Here is the after or update photo also with no makeup (I don’t know what’s happening with my hair, I added braids to try to help it but I’ll have more on that in a few weeks) as I’m going to continue using this product:

So do I like the collagen serums? Yes. I think they are doing something for my skin when I use them every night so I’m going to continue using them. No idea how much I used in a month’s time since there is no way of seeing that in either container. But considering I only needed a small amount I have a feeling it’ll last a few more months if not longer.

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