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I’m offline this entire month so all my blog posts are scheduled and I realized going through everything I’ve gone through in the past that I have hardly written about my favorite cult/nerdy TV shows. Which is insanely surprising to me. So be prepared, I’m probably going to be writing about about that topic this month… or rather there will be a lot of these this month. Last week I shared which doctor is my doctor in Doctor Who. So I thought it would be a fun idea to do some doctor who quizzes.

Which Doctor Are You?

I got the tenth doctor which is no surprise to me. As I mentioned in my post last week, he’s my doctor mainly because he is basically me in a nutshell in every way imaginable. “The good news is, people seem to really like you. You’re kind and generous and warm company, and you’re never short of the right thing to say in a difficult moment. However, you’ve been through some fairly tough times, and it can sometimes feel like all of this affection is just raining down and the bouncing back off your defenses. You put on a brave face, but sometimes that feeling of isolation can be hard to bear. It’s just as well you have some amazing friends to help you deal with it.”

Which Companion Are You?

This one I’m honestly not sure which companion I think I would be. Now the quiz I took is limited to modern Doctor Who, which is the one I’m most familiar with. And apparently I am Rory. “The lovely thing about you is you don’t feel the need to be in charge all the time. You’re a very capable and loyal second-in-command to the important people in your life, preferring to save all the shouting and bluster until they’re absolutely necessary. And when they are, what you have to say carries all the more force.” Which seems about right by that definition from the quiz.

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