Doctor Who: Who is My Doctor?

I started watching Doctor Who in my computer room with my dad when he had it playing on the TV. The very first Doctor Who episode I watched was Silence in the Library with the tenth doctor, Donna Noble, and River Song. So ever since then the tenth doctor has been my doctor. Afterwards, I got obsessed with the store and started watching modern Doctor Who from the beginning and went back to the classics on what was available at the time on Netflix. But no matter what Doctor I watched before or after, the tenth doctor will always be my doctor.

I think the reason that this will always be my doctor is not just because he’s the first doctor that I ever watched, but because he is me in a way. I’m sarcastic as hell, sometimes wear fake glasses and if I wear real ones they look just like his, and I always wear Converse. Plus I loved his companions a lot. Granted I really loved the Pond family and Clara Oswald from 11th era of Doctor Who. But there will always be a special place in my heart for Rose Tyler and Donna Noble. I did like Martha but she was so overshadowed by the departure of Rose that I feel bad for her, as she didn’t get the same love in the series as Rose or Donna.

Plus I loved the writing of Russel T Davies as they were easy to follow and you didn’t have to dive through a million hoops to figure out what the hell was going on. That’s probably another reason the 11th doctor though he has like a lot of good episodes and companions, will not be my doctor as Steven Moffat basically made you keep track of every little detail that’s easy to miss just to understand sometimes what’s happening. It was a headache at times. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it but I prefer RTD over Moffat. Granted Moffat did write one of my favorite episodes from Tennant’s years “Blink.” Even though Ten only appeared very briefly throughout the episode, it was my favorite. And that’s another thing about the ten era there were more on the effect of the doctor without needing the doctor to be around for an episode to be interesting. And you didn’t see that in future seasons. Or if they did, I honestly can’t think of them as much as the ones from Ten.

Which doctor in Doctor Who is your doctor?

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