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Does it Actually Keep it 100? Review of the Jeffree Star Artistry Palette by Morphe


I have most of Jeffree Star Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes, not all of them but a good majority. I love the formula of those palettes and often reach for them (especially the Alien palette). So I was a little shocked that he released a palette with Morphe. Considering he has his own brand with his own eyeshadow formula. And yes, it’s spend-y but it’s usually worth that price tag. Morphe on the other hand has come out with some good palettes, but a lot of them are the same repeat shadows. At first I was going to skip on this palette, but my sister surprised me and it for me since she knows I enjoy a Jeffree Star palette.

The Jeffree Star Artistry Palette from Morphe includes thirty shades in pans similar to those found in Jeffree Star Cosmetics palettes. However, instead of the $60 or so price tag it’s only $35 making it way, way more affordable. This palette has a net weight of 1.79 oz or 51 g. Making each pan roughly 0.15 oz. You have a mixture of matte, metallics, and a single glitter formulas. The shades included in this palette are:

I find it interesting they named it the Artistry Palette as they did with James Charles’s palette. And yet they are very different layouts. The Jeffree Star Artistry Palette is a rectangular cardboard package with a good sized mirror on the top lid, and sleek designed Jeffree Star pink package with holographic label. While the James Charles Artistry Palette had a large pan middle row with 39 shades and no mirror.

The formula of the Jeffree Star Artistry Palette is vegan meaning there are shades that are not eye safe. However, normally that does not bother me. But the glitter shade Millions was a terrible inclusion in my opinion. Mainly as the glitter is large meaning if it gets in your eyes (which it most likely will) can cause irritations. Or if you’re like me with a metal allergy, make your eyes insanely itchy all day long. Honestly, I should’ve taken off the shadow but I wanted to see how it wore on the eyes. As you can tell below… not well. The glitter even with a glitter glue and my usual base that works with every other shadow did not hold onto the pigment after nine hours. There are parts with no shadow anymore and crease lines. I never have that with any other shadow. But Girrrl with Millions on top (and a glitter glue in between) did not hold onto my eyes. Millions eventually found it’s way down my face and into my eyes.

As for the mattes, they worked just fine. I wasn’t blown away by the shadows. They blended without problems and were pigmented. Yes, they can cause staining but I don’t mind that too much since a lot of palettes have similar shades like that. But there was more kickback in the palette compared to Jeffree Star Cosmetics palettes. So I wouldn’t say this similar in formulation to his cosmetics brand. It’s cute, but if I had to pick between his brand (higher price point) vs Morphe (lower price point)… I would just save up to get a palette from Jeffree Star Cosmetics. As they are better quality. Also I’m avoiding using Millions since it does not agree with me.

I’m still going to use this palette since I have the palette (thanks again Sis for getting it for me), but I would not repurchase this palette.


Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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