Don’t Starve: Characters Trapped in Alternative World

A game that I have been obsessed with playing is Don’t Starve. It’s a wilderness survival game where you start out as a character named Wilson, who is a scientist, that has been taken into a different world by a demon named Maxwell with the task of escaping. Which is ultimately pointless as you will free Maxwell at the end of adventure mode, but become trapped and gain the powers of the throne causing them to be the villain.

As you play the game, you will gain more characters that you can play as including Maxwell at the end of adventure mode. Which is the only character that doesn’t start with the letter W. These characters include:

  • Wilson – A scientist that grows a beard that slows the speed of freezing in winter and speeds overheating in the summer.
  • Willow – She is immune to fire and will light fire whenever she gets nervous.
  • Wolfgang – A strongman that is terrified of the dark and monsters.
  • Wendy – A twin haunted by her dead sister and loves the dark. But she’s not strong.
  • WX-78 – A robot that is charged by lighting and damaged by water. WX-78 can be upgraded by gears.
  • Wickerbottom – An author that can’t sleep and hates spoiled food.
  • Woodie – An axeman that has a special hammer but chop down too much wood and he becomes a beaver.
  • Wes – A mime that struggles to live.
  • Maxwell – A demon that can split his mind into pieces and is on a first name basis with night.
  • Wigfrid – A carnivore, warrior that gains power by fallen foes.
  • Webber – A playable monster that can befriend spiders.
  • Walani – A surfer that dries off quickly.
  • Warly – A chef that has his own custom cookware and chef pouch.
  • Wilbur – A monkey that can run.
  • Woodlegs – A pirate that is the captain of the “Sea Legs” and can sniff out treasures.

I personally love playing as Wolfgang. His body mass changes based on how full his belly is. If you’ve played this game before, which character is your favorite?

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