Dragon Age II: Most to Least Favorite Companions

Though the storyline of Dragon Age II is less than to be desired, it introduces some of my favorite characters. The game overall just feels too rushed like they were trying to pack in everything in preparation for Dragon Age: Inquisition (DAI) while at the same time keeping up with the success of Dragon Age: Origins (DAO). And unlike DAI, I don’t outright hate any of the companions. I think some of them make really terrible decisions, but they all thought they were doing the right thing. Unlike Solas! I can’t get over his character arc. Every time I replay the game, it feels jaded because I know what his character does/did. But we’re not talking about the companions of DAI, I already did a post on that a little while ago. Today we’re focusing on my most to least favorite Companions in Dragon Age II.

Now this does not include Sebastian Vael who you can get as a companion in the Exiled Prince DLC mainly as I’ve never played that DLC so I have no judgement on his character.

  1. Bethany Hawke
  2. Varric Tethras
  3. Aveline Vallen
  4. Fenris
  5. Anders
  6. Carver Hawke
  7. Isabella
  8. Merrill

Which companions do you favor in Dragon Age II?


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