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Dragon Age Inquisition: Keeping Up Court Approval in Halamshiral


I love Dragon Age: Inquisition. I could replay that game a hundred times and never get bored of the game. During the second act of the game, you have to save the Orlesian empire but setting the power struggle in a quest called Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts. Which takes place in The Winter Palace located in Halamshiral. During this quest you must keep up your court approval rating or risk a game over. One of the very true game overs that you can experience. And it is possible to reach a court approval of 100/100 at the end of the quest, noting that certain sections will cause you to lose approval ratings. So how do you achieve this?

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Mages, elves, dwarves, and qunari inquisitors are at a disadvantage right out of the gate as they are not favored among the courts. All start out with 40 approval rating but upon a second into the quest, the approval is adjusted for the class. Human rogues and warriors start out with 45 approval ratings, considering they are from a noble family in the Free Marches. While elves, mages and dwarves start out with 30. Qunari start out with 25.


The first way to get 5 approval points is by finding Montebelliard’s ring, you have to give her the ring to get the rating. Keeping it for yourself yields nothing and telling her to find it on her own yields -5 points.

The next opportunity to gain points comes from your first interaction with Grand Duchess Florianne de Chalons. There are a few pieces of dialog, a human rogue or warrior will get 10 points for every top option, while that yields nothing for anyone else. Expect for mages if Vivienne is present. Otherwise, the middle option for everyone yields 5, but the bottom is -15… so avoid that one even if it seems like the tempting option.


Depending on perks you purchased previously, you can get another 5 points from agreeing to Dance with the Dowager: The Allemande with Nobility Knowledge. Make sure to gather coins and toss them into the fountain for 1 point each. Speaking with Duke Germain and ask about Gaspard being his nephew for Court Approval 5. The Council of Heralds Vassal in corridor if you choose “Philippe is a jerk!” yields Court Approval 10, the game will display 15 but it actually 10. The other option gives -10. Do not talk to the group of three guards in the south room more than once. Doing so will cause a drop of Court Approval -10. If you have trained to be a Champion, there is a special dialogue option when interacting with Gaspard that increases approval by 20.

Whenever you hear the bells that call you back to the Ballroom, make sure to take note of them as timing can gain or lose Court Approvals. Entering after the first bell, yields nothing. Entering after the second bell is fashionably late so you get Court Approval 10. And after third bell is actually late so you will lose Court Approval -20.

Towards the end of the quest you must dance with Florianne, expect for the first question where she asks you to dance answer all questions with questions for Court Approval 5 or 10 for each question, you will not see court approval go up or down until after the dance is finished. The very first question that starts of the dance, make sure to chose “Let’s Dance” for Court Approval 10 or you will yield negative approval.

Before heading to the Royal Wing, approach the Trophy Room on the north side of the Hall of Heroes and trick Ambassador Anton and his comrades into talking to Cullen, which also awards Court Approval 10. This is the last chance to gain court approval as well. Once you go into the Royal Wing you cannot gain any more approval.

How I Achieved 100 Approval Rating in my Let’s Play:

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