Dragon Age Inquisition: Loves and Loathes

Hello my little dragons! I’m moving onto my favorite game on our YouTube channel, which is Dragon Age: Inquisition. So I thought it was only fitting for today’s post to be a little loves and loathes. So if you want to see the game-play, keep an eye on the following location and subscribe to our channel: Dragon Age: Inquisition playlist. I’m going to be playing as a human rogue as my game glitched out any time I tried playing as a mage like I wanted to originally when I was starting up the game. So the rogue saga will continue!

And now for the loves and loathes of the game!


  • The scenery is incredible! I don’t think there’s a single area in the game where I don’t find myself just falling in love with and staring at the background.
  • Every character has their own background and personalities for you to fall in love with or loathe.
  • The game is super easy to play from what to do next to the war council. Now that doesn’t mean all the enemies are easy, but the structure of the game is easy to follow.
  • You have to explore everything in the world in order to gain enough power to advance the plot so you can’t rush the experience. But it doesn’t feel like a waste of time because you will just flow from quest to quest on the way.
  • You can choose any race in the game with all the classes available in each of them except for dwarves that can’t be mages: human, elf, dwarf, and quarni.
  • Pulls in all of the lore and stories of the previous games while adding onto them.
  • Dialogue between characters flow naturally though there are the usual awkward comments occasionally occurring.
  • You can replay the game multiple times and get different things out of it each time.


  • You have to be in the center of action for every battle in order for bosses to be defeated or rifts to be closed. You can’t be ranged or nothing will be resolved.
  • No way of checking on companion approval without having a list open of what greeting equals what approval.
  • If you’ve never played the previous games, you would be lost on what’s going on. Though I know the previous games I can see this being a drawback for new players.
  • Potions are limited and cannot be replenished unless you go to camp or hit up a supply cache.
  • Health doesn’t regenerate once you’re out of battle like it did in the previous games. So you have to be mindful before ending quests where there’s a point of no return for potions.
  • Player doesn’t automatically follow the enemy as they move. You have to be keep moving with the enemy while constantly hitting the attack button as they don’t keep attacking on their own after you’ve selected an enemy like in Dragon Age II.

What are your loves and loathes of Dragon Age: Inquisition?

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