Dragon Age Inquisition: My Most to Least Favorite Companions

I thought it would be a fun idea to rank the companions in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Because I definitely have my favorites that I always bring around with me when I’m traveling throughout Thedas. So why not rank them from most to least?! Now for storyline, I would put them in a different order just as Solas seriously would be on top then. But I’m ranking them in how often I’m putting them in my party. And to be honest The Iron Bull and Cassandra tie for how often they come with me. But if I ever bring Dorian with then you know The Iron Bull is coming, as I love their banter.

  1. Dorian
  2. Varric
  3. Cassandra Pentaghast
  4. The Iron Bull
  5. Vivienne
  6. Sera
  7. Cole
  8. Blackwall
  9. Solas

How would you rank them?


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