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Dragon Age Inquisition: Recommended Levels for Each Area

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I love playing Dragon Age: Inquisition if you can’t tell as the past several posts have all been dedicated to the game. And mainly that’s just because I’ve been playing it almost non-stop lately whenever I get a moment to just relax. Sure I’ve been playing other games to record for YouTube, but the game of choice to load up and play is Dragon Age: Inquisition. One thing that’s not mentioned when you want to go into an area is what the recommended level is. Some are not available right away but once you get to Skyhold every location is available with purchase of power, but it doesn’t tell you the recommended level you need to be in order to handle the area.

Now some areas are locked off when they relate to the main quest and give a recommended level so you can’t speed your way through the game without enjoying the exploration and quests around everywhere. But outside the main quests, you literally have no guidance. It’s a matter of going into an area and failing a few times to learn what you can and cannot handle. So after playing the game a lot, these are the recommended levels from what I found when going through everything. Now some areas have parts where you go there multiple times with different areas to explore that you don’t visit the first time.

Recommended Levels:

  • Haven: 1+ (1-4)
  • Hinterlands: 2+ (4-7, 8-12)
  • Val Royeaux: 4+ (4-6)
  • Storm Coast: 5+ (7-11, 13-15)
  • Fallow Mire: 8+ (8-10, 12-15)
  • Forbidden Oasis: 8+ (8-12, 5-15, 18-20)
  • Skyhold: 10+
  • Crestwood: 10+ (10-13)
  • Western Approach: 10+ (10-14)
  • Exalted Plains: 10+ (10-16)
  • Emerald Graves: 12+ (14-20)
  • Emprise du Lion: 16+ (16-22)
  • Hissing Wastes: 16+ (19-23)

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