Dragon Age Inquisition: Where are Quarries & Logging Stands?

Quarry and Logging Stands

During the course of Dragon Age: Inquisition you have to find quarries and logging stands throughout the different locations to fill requisitions. Including ones to improve Skyhold. And without certain perks, you cannot see where they are located on the map. So having perks to find these can be extremely useful though they do not effect the overall game other than cosmetics. I love getting all the upgrades for Skyhold so this is a little guide of where to find them if you’ve been searching for ages but haven’t comes across them. Or you want to find one quickly without traveling everywhere.


With the perk “Forward Scouts” quarries are marked on the map, otherwise they are not. This perk will also help you locate where logging stands are located.

Locations of Quarries & Logging Stands

Images are courtesy of Game Pressure, all Logging Stands are marked in green and Quarries are marked in red.


The quarry is located in Black Fens right next to Lawspeakers’s Assembly landmark. While the logging stand is at the Memorial landmark, in front of the wall with a painting on the east side of the Village of Crestwood. From the fast travel up the stairs and the path to the ruin looking buildings.

Emerald Graves

There are two quarries in the Emerald Graves. One is north east of Direstone Camp near the Fade Rift. And the second is west of Gracevine Camp (slightly north) against the rock wall. There are also two logging stands: near the north-western most rift and north of the Andraste’s Promise landmark (east and out of the canyon from Fairbanks’ first camp).

Emprise Du Lion

There are two logging stands. The first is next to south-east of the Highgrove camp. And the other is on the island at the center of the frozen lake, by an unmarked hunter campsite, and a tower with a locked door.

Exalted Plains

There are two quarries: north west of Dalish camp near Solas’ quest location and north-east of Offering to the Dread Wolf landmark (north of dragon). Pick up the quest Map of Halin’sulahn next to it. There are two logging stands as well. The first is in the Halin’Sulahn region right next to the shard, southeast of the Dalish hunter you meet, near the rune word you light up with the torch. And the second is northeast of the Dalish camp, across the river.


Has one logging stand north of the lake. If you are working on your first requisition, there will be a purple circle on your mini-map roughly around where it is located.


There are two logging stands. One is south-west of the “Tyrdda Bright-Axe, Avvar Mother” landmark. Just inside the Avvar Blade Valley. And the other is located against the southern side of the mountain on which the Forest Camp is located.

Hissing Wastes

The first Quarry can be found about half way in between “The Cove Camp” and the “Sand Crags Camp” and directly east from the “Logging Camp” underneath two huge overlapping rocks. The second quarry of the Hissing Wastes is in the Shallow Basin just north of the Burial Grounds. It is directly north of the map marker labeled “The Empty Square”. As for logging stands there is one north of the Logging Camp and one north of Sand Crags Camp west of Mountain Fortress Camp near a blue tent.

Storm Coast

There is only one quarry that is located North of the cave entrance to Lyrium Falls, on the east mountain side of long river. As for logging stands there is one on the outside along the southern wall of the Blades of Hessarian camp. And the other is west by northwest of Driftwood Margin Camp, the southernmost inquisition camp. Just down the hill.

Western Approach

There are three quarries: south-west of “Echoback Fort”, south-west of “Sand Rock Mine”, and “Shimmerstone Mine”. As for logging stands there is one north-east of Lost Spring Canyon Camp. And the other is east of Craggy Ridge Camp, near Valemont Pass and Lost Wash Creek. Walk up a little slope from the river.

Lost on finding any other item in Dragon Age: Inquisition? Let me know and I can make a post about it in the future!

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