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Dragon Age Inqusition: Things I Didn’t Realize the First Time I Played the Game


As many times as I’ve played Dragon Age Inquisition there are still things that I’m discovering in the game that I never realized were there before. So these are a few of the things that I completely missed the first time playing the game. Now some of them are not necessary for the game, but I find them to either be helpful or a nice touch.

  • Sera can unlock the doors beneath Haven. You just need to explore the dungeons then talk to her and she’ll open them up.
  • You don’t have to be a rogue to unlock items. Stonefist for mage or sheer force for warriors can also unlock things.
  • Different classes get different background banter. Varric talks more to mages while Solas talks more to rogues.
  • The guy at the Skyhold tavern has a series of war table missions and can build a successful mercenary company.
  • You can soften Leliana.
  • Every companion has their own focus pool but it’s off by default.
  • Winter Palace timers only happen if you do specific tasks for the main quest. Avoid those and you can explore freely.
  • You can dispel demons before they appear out of the rift making battles easier.
  • The dog merchant in the Hissing Wastes is the best merchant, but make sure you unlock tier 3 schematics.
  • Agents count as perks.
  • I love jumping off high places and will do it knowing full well my Inquisitor will get hurt. But if you are a mage and cast a barrier, you can jump off a mountain with little to no damage. Provided you don’t go out of world.
  • Cole knows a lot of random information and is great to have on quests.
  • Solas is a dick.
  • Mercy Crest though optional in the Storm Coast, make sure you are wearing as it makes a huge difference.
  • You can change your Inquisitors outfit around Skyhold. You don’t have to just wear the boring tan/grey pajamas, there are actually a lot of options through the wardrobe in your room. 


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