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Dragon Age Origins: Werewolves vs Dalish Elves


I’ve done another versus before in Dragon Age for templars versus mages. But I thought I would take it back to the original game, and do a few different versuses. As there are a few races faced against each other in this game other than just the common two. So for this next installment, I thought I would focus on the werewolves versus Dalish elves. As I found this to be such an interesting story line though it was very brief, and only really lasted the one game. Though there is mention of it in Dragon Age 2 when you pass by a group outside of Kirkwall.

Depending on your approach to the game, this is usually the second or third group you go to approach with the Grey Warden treaties. I normally did this one second as I played the games since the dwarves story line is long and hard… and I wanted to be as leveled up as possible before going into that quest line. You start out meeting the Keeper who informs you their numbers are very low due to a virus that turns their people into werewolves. Keeper Zathrian will explain that the lycanthropy spreads like a disease but is linked to its original source: a wolf known as Witherfang and that, with the beast’s heart, he may be able to find a cure, which will enable them to join the Warden in the fight against the Blight. So you set off into the forest to find Witherfang. Along the way you will have several encounters and fights with the werewolves.

Eventually you make it to the ruins and meet Witherfang also known as the Lady of the Forest. And learn the true origins of the werewolves. Zathrian cursed (into werewolf form) a group of human settlers who had murdered his son and raped his daughter. The werewolves currently in the forest are not the original criminals, but unfortunates who wandered into the forest since. The Lady asks the Warden to bring Zathrian to the chamber so they may talk. At this point you can make your decision on which group to side with. There are three possible outcomes that can be achieved from this point forward, based on choices made in the remaining encounters. Each outcome can be achieved with varying degrees of finesse and approval changes.

  1. Side with the elves and Zathrian, and attack the werewolves. The elves are cured once you return to camp. Zathrian (or Lanaya, if he died) will honor the Grey Warden treaties and pledge the Dalish army to help you battle the Blight. At this point, Emissary Caron will appear in your Party Camp and you can turn in crafting materials to the Dalish army. If Zathrian did not lift the curse (and wasn’t double-crossed), he will later appear in Redcliffe Castle prior to the Final Onlaught, and will fight alongside you against the Archdemon.
  2. Side with the werewolves and attack Zathrian. The werewolves will help battle the Blight. The elves are not cured. At this point, Emissary Bulfa will appear in your Party Camp and you can feed him a single nug (though no caged nugs are actually removed from your inventory). After Arl Eamon recovers, Cassian will also be located in the Redcliffe Castle as he and his group were sent ahead by the Lady of the Forest. The Lady herself will later appear in Redcliffe Castle prior to the Final Onlaught, and Swiftrunner will fight alongside you against the Archdemon.
  3. Side with the elves and the werewolves. The curse is lifted and the werewolves become human. The elves are cured, will honour the treaties, and will help battle the Blight. If you chose to side with both and convinced Zathrian to sacrifice himself and lift the curse, the humans will disperse and the elves will honor the treaties. All werewolves that have not been slain will also be removed from the Werewolf Lair and the Brecilian Forest, except from the East Brecilian Forest.

In the final battle, the Dalish Elves will be good for ranged attacks while werewolves are better for melee. Since they have the ability to overwhelm. Depending on your other choices in the game, this should be kept in mind especially if you choose templars over mages. As at this point having elves would be best since there are points where you want a ranged army helping you out.


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