Dragon Age: Which DLCs are Worth it? Ranking the Packs

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Dragon Age series is my favorite game of all time. And yes I’m wrapping all three games into one and calling them my favorite. Now each of the games have their own DLC (downloadable content) that are available for purchase, from extra story lines to items such as mounts, weapons, and armors. And I have gotten the chance to play with the vast majority of them. So I’m going to go to rank the ones that add additional stories to the game after the main one is over with my reasoning for each.

If you have not played the games and want to, please do not read forward as there will be spoilers.

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  1. Dragon Age Inquisition – Trespasser: I cannot state enough how this should not be DLC. This has major effects on the next game in the series and goes way more into Solas’ character. I get it happens two years after the main story but honestly it’s so major to the plot, I don’t know why this has to be locked away behind paid DLC. So what happens? The Inquisition is still around and the governing bodies want oversight or the Inquisition to be disbanded completely. Qunari are also attacking using the eluvians and Solas reappears. Not only does he reappear, but you learn he is Fen’Harel the Dread Wolf (though this is noted after the credits of the main game by Flemeth/Mythal). In the DLC we learn why Solas gave the orb to Corypheus in hopes to use it to bring back the world of elves. Solas also at this points takes away the anchor/mark that is killing the Inquisitor. He takes off before revealing that he has an organization that potentially in the next game your character will be fighting against with Solas being the next ultimate boss. Yes, I get it’s hinted in the cut-scene after the credits but still it’s huge information.
  2. Dragon Age II – Legacy: I wish I had this DLC, as I think it’s insanely important to the overall story especially since a good portion of it directly impact Dragon Age Inquisition. This story takes place before the end of Dragon Age II. A cartel has it out for Hawke causing the party to go to a Grey Warden prison as the source resigns there. Hawke learns of Corypheus has been trapped using blood magic of Malcom Hawke (your character’s father), and the only way Corypheus can escape is through your actions. You will fight and kill Corypheus only for him to return in Dragon Age Inquisition as the ultimate villain of the main story.
  3. Dragon Age Origins – Awakening: This takes place directly after the fifth blight with either the survived Hero of Ferelden or Orlesian Warden if the hero did not survive. You face off with two darkspawn: the Architect and the Mother. Though the game claims at the conclusion of this story that the world dramatically changes, you do not see the effects in either of the next two games. It may affect future ones but right now it plays no role in that. Since you either prevent more blights from happening or allow the cycle to continue.
  4. Dragon Age II – The Exiled Prince: This DLC tells the story of Sebastian Vael, a noble seeking out revenge for the murder of his family. Sebastian can become a full companion throughout the game unlike Tallis from Mark of the Assassin. You will decide if he should remain a Chantry initiate or march on Starkhaven to claim his throne. With this DLC, you are introduced to an agent of the Divine and learn about her plans on an exalted march to Kirkwall to deal with the Templar/mage issue. Though this does not have major effects to the story, it does give you more insight into the chantry and a full time companion throughout the game.
  5. Dragon Age Inquisition – The Descent: After the battle of Haven, earthquakes threaten the lyrium supply and darkspawn have been unsealed. You are joined by a dwarf Shaper named Valta and a Liutenant of the Legion of the Dead named Renn. You go into the deep roads in search of the source of the earthquakes and learn there is a Titan at work. And they are actually in the Titan after they encounter Sha-Brytol, you stop the earthquakes and leave Valta behind who wishes to study the Titan more after she attacks the Inquisitor with some type of magic.
  6. Dragon Age Inquisition – Jaws of Hakkon: Takes place after the Inquisition has reached Skyhold. You go to the southern mountains of Thedas to uncover what happened to the last Inquisitor, Ameridan, and the dragon he pursued. At the time of the disappearance the Second Blight was occurring and an invasion by the Jaws of Hakkon would have been devastating. Ameridan was successful in stopping the dragon by freezing them in time, but the Hakkonites found a way to transfer Hakkon the High Dragon into another vessel in order to invade the lowlands. You manage to talk to Ameridan before time catches up with him, and kill the dragon to stop the invasion.
  7. Dragon Age II – Mark of the Assassin: Join a elf assassin named Tallis in infiltrating an Orleasian estate outside of Kirkwall with Hawke in search of a precious relic. This takes place before the conclusion of Dragon Age II and has no effect on the story other than a side adventure for Hawke.

Overall, the first three have effects on Thedas where the rest don’t. One does give you an additional companion that joins you for the entire game, which is major in my books. But the last three don’t outright have an effect on the overall story Dragon Age tells. The Descent and Jaws of Hakkon indirectly do but Mark of the Assassin is just a one off story with no real effect. How would you rank the DLC for Dragon Age? Do you agree with my standings? Also what do you think the next game will be about? Solas or something with the Grey Wardens as Morrigan hints in the epilogue of Dragon Age: Inquisition. I kind of am hoping for a Hero of Ferelden and Hawke story of the Grey Wardens dealing with Solas’ organization. But that’s more just a dream to have more Hawke even though I think Dragon Age II is worst game out of the series mainly as it’s too rushed.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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  1. November 30, 2018 / 1:58 AM

    I love dragon age. The first one is still my favourite but I’m not very far through inquisition so that might change. I played all the DLC from DA1 but I haaaated Dragon Age awakening. Worst waste of my time lol. I love that Inquisition is more open world, 2 felt kind of boxy to me when every dungeon was exactly the same.

    • Mae Polzine
      November 30, 2018 / 7:12 AM

      Completely agree!

      DA2 could’ve been so much better if they just spent more time making it. It felt rushed and too copy/paste, plus how much is accurate since Varric is narrating it and he loves to tell lies?

      Awakening definitely felt out of place compared to DAO. But it is an interesting concept if the choices you made there truly have an effect on the Blight.

      I think DAO will always be my favorite. Even though DAI has way more to do and is open world. Getting through DAI takes forever, and at times can drag especially when you need to go through so many side quests just to be able to do the main story. Plus a lot of loading scenes to load those open worlds.

      🖤 Mae

      • December 1, 2018 / 1:50 PM

        I never thought about that, that’s a good point! I loved Varric, I’m happy he’s in inquisition.

        So far I haven’t seen anything about the architect playing into the later games depending on your choices, I’m not too far in though. But it just felt weird that there’s sentient darkspawn and no one ever talks about it anymore.

        Yeah that’s true, I got lost exploring sometimes that It takes me forever to get to my actual quest. I’m glad that they have a fast travel option because otherwise it would get tedious!

      • Mae Polzine
        December 1, 2018 / 2:00 PM

        Me too, Varric is amazing!

        Totally agree, I mean they went into why he could talk versus all of the other darkspawn but then it’s like it was forgotten other then appearing in your keep.

        Yes, the fast travel definitely made it better to get from one side of the world to the other. Especially if you ran out of potions since you only get a limited amount to be shared with your entire team.

        ♥ Mae

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