Dressing Up the Dogs in Star Wars Costumes

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So my roommate, Harley, and I are massive nerds and when we saw at PetSmart that there were Star Wars costumes, we couldn’t help ourselves and got six of them for our two dogs: Kiki and Pixie. Now Kiki is totally used to wearing outfits while Pixie will occasionally wear them depending on how they are cut and fitted. As some are tighter in some spots than others. Her favorite thing to wear are bandannas, but even then some days she does not want to wear anything but her collar. What I’m trying to say in a very roundabout way, I wouldn’t do anything to my dog that she isn’t comfortable with. She makes the best facial expressions and I know how to read them all, including her sassy “I am not doing that” face. And luckily on the day we put these all on for the photoshoot, Pixie was totally fine with us putting them on. Though a few she did not like after a few minutes as they were just too much and they were promptly removed.

Pixie as R2D2

Kiki as BB-8

Pixie as Darth Vader

Kiki as Princess Leia

Pixie as Ewok

Kiki as Chewbacca

If your fuzzy child likes wearing costumes or clothes, what is your favorite thing to put them in? Or if they don’t, what would you love to see them dressed up as if you could?

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