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Dupe of ABH Modern Renaissance: Wet n Wild Rose in the Air Shadow Palette


The Wet n Wild Rose in the Air palette contains ten pans each with 0.35 oz of product. These palettes cost $4.99 and the Rose in the Air one in particular is an almost exact dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hill (ABH) Modern Renaissance palette. Each with a mix of warm-toned neutrals with a mix of mauve and berry. So if you can’t afford the ABH palette, the Wet n Wild palette is a great alternative.

Claims of the Palette from Wet n Wild:

Powerfully pigmented, buttery-soft, glides on like a dream. That’s what we dreamed up with our reformulated Color Icon eyeshadows. Our reformulated Color Icon hues come in a mix of coveted colors, from shimmery daytime hues to sultry shades for cocktail hours—including new matte transitional shades for impeccable blending.

Shade Overview

Unlike the ABH Palette these shadows do not have names. So I’m just going to list the shadows based off their arrangement in the palette and noted numbers from the back of the packaging.

  1. A muted, medium brown with warm undertones and a matte finish.
  2. A light beige with a semi-matte finish and warmer undertones.
  3. A light-medium gold with warm undertones and a frosted sheen.
  4. Soft, medium mauve with neutral-to-cool undertones and a matte finish.
  5. Muted, dark brown with subtle, red undertones and a satin finish.
  6. A muted, medium orange-toned brown with warm undertones and a matte finish.
  7. A dark brown with warm, reddish-orange undertones and a matte finish.
  8. A medium-dark berry with subtle, cool undertones and a mostly matte finish.
  9. A dark brown with subtle, warm, reddish undertones and a mostly matte finish.
  10. Medium brown with warm, yellow undertones and a matte finish.

I don’t normally do swatches since they aren’t always true, but I was in the mood to do them for this post. So here are the swatches. Shades from left to right the numbers from above.

Comparing Rose in the Air & Modern Renaissance Palettes

Now I want to start off by stating, I do not have the Modern Renaissance palette as that’s not something in my budget at the moment. So I will not be comparing the formula between the two palettes, but rather just which shadows line up to each other. As they won’t all match up since Wet n Wild palette has 10 shadows, while ABH has 14 shades.

Leaving the only shades not in the Wet n Wild Rose in the Air palette being:

Overall Thoughts

I really love this palette and enjoy the berry tones a lot. You do need to build up the shadows on the lids. They are not always super pigmented but I appreciate having to build up the shadows as it’s easier to control. Sometimes too much pigmentation right away can lead your looks into going into different directions than you were expecting. Especially if it takes you forever to blend it into what you want to do. So having to build up the shadows can be nice even though it does take longer to complete a look.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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