Easy Ways to Add a Bohemian Touch to Your Home

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Next up on our “Easy Ways to Add a (BLANK) Touch to Your Home,” we’re focusing on the Bohemian style which is summed up lots of colors throughout your home. From the furniture to the accents. There is an explosion of color and patterns everywhere. But it’s not just about the color, it’s also about showcasing life, culture, and world travels. Which is almost the exact opposite of a lot of the other home styles that focus on clean lines and minimalist appearance. Bohemian homes are carefree and exciting. So how do you add this home decor style into your home?

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Bohemian Colors

Color is the easiest thing to bring in that Bohemian touch. And there are no rules to it. Some of the other styles have certain colors that characterize it, while Bohemian doesn’t. You can go from brown, terra cotta, and gold to purples, fiery oranges, and electric blue. From our wall paint to the accessories around your home like tapestries and artwork. The key is to think warm and colorful. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors.

Decorative Materials

The key to using materials in this style of room is to mix and match, similar to colors. This can be from the use of burlap mixed with silk. Most Bohemian fabrics look slightly worn but never damaged. Just something enough wear to make it looked like it’s been well loved and used over the years. Also don’t be afraid to get pillows or curtains or lampshades that have fringes on them.

Second-hand Furniture

A lot of Bohemian furniture are items commonly found at secondhand shops. Or mix match of styles that have been collected over the years. Similar to that of the vintage or rustic home decor style. Shapes and sizes aren’t nearly as important as they are in other styles of rooms. As each piece should be special if not tell a story of their own. If someone were to walk into your home, you wouldn’t want them to be able to tell where every piece of furniture is from. Though most will find their roots from the Victorian era. Not dainty mind you, but the kind of furniture you could become engulfed in as you peruse the works of literary masters. Think chaises and fainting couches in saturated colors with dark carved wood frames.


Accessories are extremely important in the Bohemian home that tell stories of the person living there. From places they’ve been to things that mean a lot to them. These can be things like ornate boxes, vintage bottles, maps, mismatched china, artwork from various countries, and photographs of world travel. In general, it’s laid out quite offbeat but can be glamorous at the same time. Don’t be afraid to use crystal chandeliers and ornate gold mirrors. The only true rule is that everything should tell a story. So have fun making one from all your things. No need to hide it.

How would you incorporate the Bohemian style into your home? Have any pieces that tell a story, let us know in the comments!

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