Easy Ways to Add a Mid-Century Touch to Your Home

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My mom loves a good mid-century home. It’s not my ideal home decor style but I do appreciate it when it’s done correctly. So for today’s “Easy Ways to Add (BLANK) Touch to Your Home ” I thought I would focus on this style. But before we get into how to complete this, what the key features of the mid-century design? It mainly is comprised of low-slung sofas, tapered furniture legs, daring geometrics, and sultry tweed and velvet. The color palette roughly is pumpkin orange, avocado green, and mustard yellow.

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Let There Be Light

Mid-century table lamps lend themselves well to any space featuring low-slung furniture, and they’re easy to find at vintage stores. Look for curvy bases in bold hues, paired with tall, slim lampshades.

Find Retro Art

Add an unexpected element to your home with a vintage art piece. Look for graphic wall hangings using squares or circles, like this red, orange and brown piece. Or outfit your coffee table with ’60s inspired accessories, like this gold chain-link bowl, blown glass accents or sculptural vases.

Try a Bar Cart

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Mad Men, you know cocktail culture was almost as important to the show (and the era) as Don Draper’s hair gel. Embrace it by picking up your own bar cart and stocking it with vintage glassware, cocktail shakers and ornate decanters.


It’s hard to wind down in a messy bedroom. Mid-Century Modern design celebrates organization and a lack of clutter, even when it comes to decor. Declutter by keeping shelves and surfaces tidy and wall art minimal.

Have any other suggestions for adding a mid-century touch to your home? Let us know in the comments!

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