Easy Ways to Add a Rustic Touch to Your Home

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My ideal home style is somewhere between rustic and industrial. And lately this is one of the more current home decor trends that have made it’s way into the stores. Not that it wasn’t around before, but finding pieces that fit into that category was more difficult. I particularly love this style as it remains me of a ski lodge, grandparent’s cabin, and my aunt’s farmhouse when they used to live there. It’s a simple design that just makes me feel like grabbing a throw blanket, cuddling up on the couch and watching a fire with enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate. As it features a lot of nature-inspired textures, calming earth tones, and organic aspects that bring the spirit of the outdoors inside or around the home. I’ll focus on the second home decor style, I love in another post similar to this one. But let’s focus in on the first one, rustic, and how to add a rustic touch to your home.

Credit: Magnolia Market Credit: Magnolia Market

My favorite show to get rustic inspirations is Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines. I’m going to be sad that this show is in it’s final season but Joanna does have her own blog that I love reading to get inspiration from called Magnolia Market.

1. Chunky Knit Blankets

I love a good throw blanket to keep you warm in the winter, especially since I live in Minnesota which can get ridiculously cold at times. The knit blanket gives that handmade look like your grandma knitted it for you and a more natural element than the fuzzy blankets. Though don’t get me wrong I do enjoy those blankets as well. When I move out my mom’s place into an apartment or house of my own, this is the first DIY project I’m going to do.

Plus these blankets look great on your bed, armchair, or couch. And just look inviting as all hell to cuddle up and read a book.

Credit: Country Living Credit: Country Living

2. Play with Textures

One thing I love about the rustic home decor style, is that there is a mixture of different textures all in a natural or neutral hue. Such as an unrefined rug or wicker dining chairs. It creates an atmosphere that is both spacious and warm at the same time. So a chunky knit blanket paired with a patterned pillow or chair that you found at a thrift shop. Or exposed brick or wood with solid neutral colored furniture.

3. Exposed Wood Elements

Any exposed wood elements in your house automatically bring in that rustic feel from a barn door inside of regular closet doors to exposed beams in the living room. For your kitchen you could even go for some wooden shelving. The options are endless but it brings just enough of that rustic element into your home that it feels like you’re at a cabin retreat. Now most apartments won’t allow you to install the beams or barn doors, but the wooden shelvinig unit would be a good touch as well. Otherwise Target has these vinyl wall coverings that look like processed wood or wood planks, which are easy to remove so you could bring the rustic feeling in through the use of those. I did this at my previous townhouse, and loved the result!

Source: Decoist Source: Decoist Source: Homedit Source: Homedit

4.Farm Table

I love a good dining table that is long with plenty of space to host guests at. And the idea of having a farm style table seems amazing for that. Mainly just because my aunt used to have one with a bench on one side and chairs on the other that we used to all gather around for Thanksgiving. Plus it’s a sturdy table that feels inviting for more activities then just large gatherings. You can easily use it for homework, game nights, or regular family dinners. If you like a kitchen-island type rather than a kitchen table then these are easy to adapt into a higher surface with stools (perhaps wicker to go with the rustic theme) instead of chairs. As all you would need to do it remove the current legs then replace it with taller ones.

Credit: Honey Bear Lane Credit: Honey Bear Lane

Have any other rustic ideas that you can add to your home? Let us know in the comments!

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