Easy Ways to Add a Scandinavian Touch to Your Home

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For the next “Easy Ways to Add a (BLANK) Touch to Your Home” we’re going to focus on the Scandinavian style. Which is an extremely popular interior design style of today. The style emerged in the 1950s and draws influence from Scandinavian house and minimalist design. The key features of this style are: no wall to wall carpets, light or muted colors, simple or wood accents, clean lines, decluttered spaces, maximize natural light, simple toys for children, greenery, and cozy textiles. So how do you add these characteristics into your home?

Lighting is Everything

In Scandinavia, there is as little as seven hours of daylight in the winter months so the use of lighting is extremely important. It needs to keep the home well lit while at the same time give a little mood lighting. A very common lighting you will find in these homes are pendant lights or the string pendant light. Candles are also a huge feature in the house to add a touch of whimsy and glow to a space.

Fresh Flowers and Botanicals

As mentioned earlier, Scandinavian homes have a lot of greenery. They give a living element as well as a pop of color. A lot of homes of this style tend to have flowers commonly found at sidewalk florists like tulips of every color or succulents. So make sure to have plenty of fresh flowers around your home to bring in that Scandinavian touch.

Limited Window Treatments

You want to bring in all the natural light as possible and keep a minimalist touch to your home. So window treatments, are the exact opposite that you want. If you still want window treatments, use light fabrics like linen or sheer to allow as much light as possible into your home.

Warm Textiles

Since you don’t have carpeted flooring with the Scandinavian design, you will want to make sure of rugs or sheepskins to keep your feet warm. As well as blankets to bring more warmth and coziness into your home. Plus they add another layer of texture to a space.

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