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Easy Ways to Add a Vintage Touch to Your Home


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Who doesn’t love a little vintage charm in their home. It’s cute and timeless, mainly as most of the pieces are really freaking old. Or made to look at way. Vintage home decor goes hand and hand with rustic decor, but is just ever so slighly different. So what makes vintage home decor differ from rustic home decor? Vintage is more focused on sweet floral patterns, romantic spring colors, and distressed finishes. Whereas rustic is more focused on distressed finishes, neutral colors, and farmstyle accents like chicken wire. It’s more raw than vintage is. So on today’s “Easy Ways to Add (BLANK) Touch to Your Home” I’m going to be focusing on vintage.

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Mix Old With New

If you want to incorporate a vintage style into your home, you don’t have to go all out and replace absolutely everything with something vintage. You can mix and match to create the perfect balance. Some of my favorites are vintage looking wall clocks and old bird cages with flowers or candles inside. Or a nice rustic key wall hanging.

Reuse Old Picture Frames

A lot of thrift shops have tons of picture frames, some if not most come with pictures already inside of them. But if you ignore the photo on the inside when you’re searching at the shops you can find some that have that picture vintage feel. These can be used to: place your own images inside of, repaint to match the aesthetic of the rest of your house, or turn into a chalkboard.

Reuse old furniture

Have hand-me-down furniture passed down for generations or see an old furniture at the flee market/thrift store. Get it you might be able to touch it up into something else. Here are a few ideas of how to complete this:

I know when I move, I’m going to use a few of these ideas in my new place, if you want to see a DIY post when that happens of any of these, let me know. Also let us know in the comments your vintage touch suggestions!

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