Elder Scrolls Online: Playing as a High Elf Templar

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Recently I’ve started replaying Elder Scrolls Online which is an MMORP (massively multiplayer online role-playing). And a while ago I got rid of all the characters I had played as previously as I haven’t touched the game in so long as I didn’t want to wait for the updates, that I completely forgot everything that was going on. So I created a new character named Habiku that is a High Elf Templar.

Habiku is a name I came up with back in Junior High when I used to play Maple Story, but I couldn’t remember the name of a character in a manga I used to read. So instead of Hibiki from Hibiki’s Magic, I thought it was Habiku and thus became the online name I used until I came up with Mae Polzine several years later.

Now I am playing this on our YouTube channel, but once the new computer arrives this will be a weekly Twitch stream. I’m not sure when it’s going to be, but I’m planning on doing a lot more streams in the future on a regular basis. I’ll let you know what I’ve decided. It will most likely be a blog post and also in the sidebar on every page.

I also love dying my armor to be themed, I have no idea if that costs anything but haven’t had any problems doing it so far. And I’m loving playing with different combinations. When this post goes live, the first image is what my character currently looks like in the game. And I chose a high elf as I love playing as an elf, and a templar because they are good with melee and healing. Which are two things that are extremely useful in the game. Also I don’t remember when I got them but I do have two non-combat pets (one depicted above). One of them is a war dog I’ve named Luna and the other is a snow tiger named Tygra. And my mount is a wolf named Taz.

What would type of player do you like to play as? Healer or Damager?


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