Evolution of my Body Painting Skills Over the Years

Some days I cannot believe how far my body painting skills have come for the years. So, I thought I would compare some of my earliest body paints to ones I’ve done more recently that had a similar vibe or theme. Not only has my skill improved but the quality of the photos has as well. It’s something I really love seeing.

While these two are by no means the same look, they have a similar concept. I used I’m pretty sure just eyeshadow in the first look to create the space/galaxy-themed skull on my face while in the second I’m in full body paint. I have moved on from only doing a portion of my face to doing the majority of my upper body. I will probably never be comfortable doing more passed there and I’m ok with that. I also love how similar these are even though I didn’t even remember I did that skull look until I was looking for photos for this post. I came across it and went “Oh, I did a similar look inspired by Melissa Croft not that long ago.” Funny how I return to similar looks over the years.

Oh back when I used to make YouTube videos compared to now where I stream makeup looks. This was one of the more true body paints that I did. Others were more just makeup that I improved upon in later years. But this was one of the true first (I mean there are others but this one I spent a lot of time on). I also was so freaking nervous in that YouTube video that I barely spoke for more than a minute. Madeyewlook did a reaction to it too, and I was so embarrassed and excited at the same time. To think I’ve now been raided by her multiple times is insane to me. Just as looking at the first attempt at this look to the second attempt.

I love the Pennywise look from 2019 that was inspired by Peachcait, but I have to say the teeth in that look were not that great. Sometimes I debate on redoing it again and seeing what improvements I can make from there. I’ve done teeth since then, which I included for the comparison and you can see I’ve done strides better at them since then.

Ok, these two really aren’t anything alike. The first barely can be considered more than a makeup look very, very loosely inspired by Mykie (Glam & Gore). The only true things they have in common are steampunk, the same googles, and a dark brown lip. But I still love seeing the comparison between them. The collar of the second look and the face is all body paint, the jacket is not but I blended the collar in to look like they went together.

These were both colorful sketchy looks. The first was inspired by Kandee Johnson while the second was inspired by Charlotte Roberts. The first you can barely see the concept while the second showcases it so much better. Even if they were very different, I love seeing the improvement between the two. The look and concept come across so much better. Kandee Johnson’s look the first one was inspired by could’ve been seriously improved had I used body paint instead of eyeshadow. Her’s was so colorful while mine was well… that.

I don’t have any others that are similar in concept to compare against one another, but I think these five really show the massive difference between how I started out versus where I’m at now. I can’t wait to see do this again in the future to see where my skills have gone from here. Especially when I get comments on some of my latest looks where people have gone “I didn’t even realize your clothes were painted on.” Those looks were these two and I’m insanely proud of them:

Here’s to the future of body painting, I have so many looks that I want to get to. I might up my body painting from just on Saturdays to more than that, but right now I’m loving doing the themes on Saturday that my friends and I come up with. It challenges me to think outside the box sometimes. Other times it allows me to focus on a character that I have wanted to do but hadn’t gotten around to until those themes came up.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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