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Exploring the Falls: Minnehaha & St. Anthony


My roommate and I decided we would explore several of the waterfalls around Minneapolis. Those being Minnehaha and St. Anthony.

Minnehaha Falls

I go visit this waterfall around once a year, but this is the first time I’ve gone when I didn’t have Pixie along with me and it wasn’t the middle of summer. And there was a lot of graffiti around the falls on the various walls, rocks, and benches around the fall/river. It was a really nice and muddy walk that I enjoyed. Plus I made a little vlog out of it.

St. Anthony Falls

I’ve never been to this waterfall before as I haven’t spent a lot of time exploring around North East Minneapolis and Downtown Minneapolis which this waterfall is located between. So I wanted to take all the views in. And I would love to come back to this area again in the future during the summer when all the trees are full. Plus I caught Rose off guard for a few photos. These waterfalls used to be used to power all of the mills, before they were all closed.

Have you visited any waterfalls that you have fallen in love with and have revisited?

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