Fallout Shelter: 10 Tips to Running Your Vault

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Rose and I are currently addicted to playing Fallout Shelter. It’s one of those mindless games that has no end goal that you are trying to achieve. You’re just building up your shelter, giving the inhabitants jobs, and trying to keep everyone happy. It’s a subtle callback to the Fallout series by having the vaults, but instead of being asleep for hundreds of years for the nuclear waste to clear you are living underground. Granted you are more playing the role of overseer instead of playing as one of the characters in the vault.

This game is free to play, but you can purchase things such as lunchboxes,  caps, and nukacolas. But you can earn these through quests in the overseer’s office, so you don’t need to buy anything. Unless of course you want to. I used to play this on my cell phone, but my newest phone has like no storage so I can’t have any games on there. So when Rose told me it was available on Steam, I installed this onto my laptop. And have been playing it almost non-stop since. Since I’ve been playing it for a while, here are just a few tips to running your shelter/vault:

  1. Dying is not the end of the shelter.
  2. Keep SPECIAL skills in mind and move people around so you have the best people in each room/job.
  3. Don’t hoard low level weapons and gear.
  4. Train your inhabitants.
  5. Send someone with full SPECIAL out to the waste when they are level 1. This will help you get the longest run possible as health resets every time they level up.
  6. Endurance, luck, intelligence, and strength are the key.
  7. Be careful about your room placement.
  8. Storage is important! It’s better to have extra of power, food, and water so you’re not always near the line.
  9. Upgrade your vault door right away.
  10. Pets keep the dwellers upbeat.

What game are you currently obsessed with?

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