Favorite DC & Marvel Movies

Today I thought it would be fun to share all of my favorite DC and Marvel movies. Now these are not in any particular order for either universe, more just the order I ended up making the collage for this post. And I love these movies for different reasons. Some are because I find them hilarious while others make me want to strap on a sword or bow then go fight hundreds of enemies.

Suicide Squad

Ah one of the most hated movies in the DCE Universe, but honestly I loved it. Granted I have a few things I would have changed about the movies that would have made it better. For starters, I would have done origin movies for each of the main characters: Harley Quinn, Deadshot, etc. Rather than a few minute intro card for each one as there is a lot missing and overlooked. Like the fact that Harley Quinn killed Robin and would have made the Joker scenes so much better. A Deadshot origin story also would have been really good to have as it would make more sense as you why he missed Harley Quinn when she was escaping. Unless you knew the comics you couldn’t tell that it was basically three stories squished together. So I would have loved it to be separated. But still I really enjoyed it despite that. I also actually liked Jared Leto’s joker. Again it probably would’ve been seen differently if they didn’t cut out a large amount of his scenes when they changed it to be more like Deadpool. I am hoping to see more in the future but I hope they pull it back towards the original direction they were going to go.

Wonder Woman

Rose already did her review of this movie but I haven’t talked about it myself on here. I love the recreation of one of my favorite comic book characters brought to life. The movie takes place during World War I (The Great War) which not a lot of movies these days take place during this time period as if it’s going to be a war movie of the past they go to WWII. Examples being The Imitation Game, Captain America: The First Avenger, War Horse, The Book Thief, and Hacksaw Ridge all took place in WWII. But The Great War, was a perfect time period to set this movie in as it’s the perfect setting for Wonder Woman. As her whole focus is stopping war and Aries, so why go to WWII when WWI was referred to as “The War to End All Wars.” Granted the comic books take place during World War II, but I am actually really pleased it went to the war before that. Plus it’s a good reflection on our current world state. Nationalism is very similar as it was during that time period and it would take very little to spark global conflict. Sure WWI wasn’t the final World War, and is outside of living memory at this time period but it is a has all the right elements to tell this tale


Okay this probably has to be my all time favorite super hero/anti-hero in either universe. And I don’t know if it’s the sarcasm of Deadpool or how often they break the fourth wall, but Deadpool has always been my favorite. From the comics to it’s own movie. Plus no one could possibly play Deadpool any better than Ryan Reynolds. Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool. And I will fight with anyone that disagrees with me on that.

Guardians of the Galaxy

I loved Guardians of the Galaxy more for the humor than the actual tale. I know why they had to start there to introduce this characters and had to go down their line in order to get to the Infinity Wars, but the story is rather straight forward without a lot of depth. Don’t get me wrong I still loved it but it just isn’t one that’s overly memorable in the universe. But the characters and humor is memorable. And makes the entire movie worth it. Plus I love Groot especially baby Groot. I want a little figurine of him on my desk.

Avengers Assemble

Let’s be honest, this is probably the movie that really got me into the Marvel universe and wanting to see more super hero movies. I wasn’t overly into the Iron Man movies or any of the other ones until this one came out. And I would attribute my entire love of the genre to this movie. So how could I not include it on this post. Yes I saw all the ones beforehand, but it was more just a curiosity and wanting to go to the movies over being overly in love with the universe. And paying attention to all the details. I was more in the comic books and wasn’t impressed before it all came together in this movie. So thank you Avengers for my obsession with super hero movies.

What movies are your favorite from the DC and Marvel Universes?

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