February 2017 Goals

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Last month was such a roller coaster and flew by so fast that I honestly hope the rest of this year goes by the same. From just tons of good things happening and lots of growth. Hopefully with fewer panic attacks induced by stress. Looking at you Pixie. We’re not doing that again. I hope your January went well and if are still keeping up with your resolutions for 2017, I wish you all the best in keeping them up through February. And if you, haven’t I hope you strive for something better this month!

January Goals

  • Create another photo pack. I’ve planned out the ones that I’m going to be created but I didn’t get around to taking the photographs as I got way too busy dealing with Pixie’s drama.
  • Revamp budget for 2017. Completed! I still don’t think it’s perfect and I’m not overly happy with the result but I at least got it done.
  • Prepare lunches for every day, so I don’t go out to lunch at all while working downtown. I’ve been about 50/50 this month on bringing lunches to the office. I do far better in this task a week after my paycheck then the week of my paycheck.
  • Start working out at home at least once a week. If you count stress and running around the cities carrying a dog, then I totally completed this. If you don’t, I didn’t work out once from home
  • Go snowboarding and skating. I have not had time to go snowboarding or skating this month, also the weather hasn’t exactly been the greatest for either in Minnesota.
  • Teach Pixie a new trick. She has learned a new trick called “Pray”. Though she still has some work to do with it, but she at least knows what I’m asking for.
  • Go through closet and donate any clothing item that hasn’t been worn in a year or more. I have gone through my closet and placed all the items in bags to bring to the donation center, I just haven’t managed to bring it there.

February Goals

  • Return to daily blogging on this blog, and blog at least every other day on Rose & Mae.
  • Publish my second photo pack or several individual mock up photos on the shop page.
  • Start working out at home at least once a week.
  • Bring lunches 65% of the time to my downtown job.
  • Take Pixie for walks more regularly, weather permitted.
  • Create Reading Nook in Bedroom.
  • Get better about skincare and start following a regime daily.
  • Organize makeup further by depotting and labeling products.
  • Post more videos on my YouTube channel. As well as start vlogging on my YouTube channel.
  • Start a bible study.
  • Start saving up to replace old laptop with gaming laptop, as well as money to possibly move with.
  • Start journaling again at least on a weekly basis.
  • Get my haircut and dyed so it looks more natural.

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