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Finally Got Myself New Furniture


Now before I begin this post, I want to state, I have not received any of these items in person yet. Some of them are not coming until the beginning to mid-August. So, the pictures are from Amazon and HOM Furniture where I got the pieces. But I’m really excited about this fact and since I’m blogging every day this month, I thought this was a great time to talk about it. Especially since this week’s theme seems to be “exploring new things.” And purchasing my own furniture would count as that. I don’t know if this theme will continue for the rest of the week, but might as well continue with it.

All my furniture in the past has been hand-me-downs that have been seriously worn and loved over countless years. I’ve never gotten anything new for myself. And well, I’ve lived on my own for six years now (if you don’t count the year and a half that I lived in my mom’s closet room), and with the move coming up at the end of the month I thought it was time to get myself something functional, nice, comfortable, and even more important my style. I haven’t had anything really up until this point that was really me. It’s all been things I’ve gotten second-hand. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but contemporary and traditional aren’t my thing.

So, I ended up getting a sofa with a reversible chaise from HOM Furniture that’s going to be in my living room. It seats three and I love that I can change what side the chaise is on because you never know if the orientation of something needs to be the other way. And this ensures that it will work no matter where I move in the future. The next thing I got from HOM Furniture was a dining set that has industrial vibes. I also love that this table has a take-out leaf so if I need to make the table bigger for parties or whatever I can.

The last big piece of furniture that I got was a new desk from Amazon. It’s an L-shaped desk that comes in three separate parts, so I can rearrange how it’s set up. This is similar to something I attempted using cheap desks from Target, but that setup never really worked because where the shelves were blocked leg space in the corners. So, it was always somewhat frustrating to deal with. And considering I work from home and stream using the same 3 monitors set up, I wanted something that would work for both. Plus it’s got spots for cords to allow for better cable management. Which seemed like something I thought would be silly to get excited about, but OMG I’m excited about the new desk. That should be here sometime next week after the holiday.

I’m probably also going to get new bookcases at some point, but those are going to wait until after the other furniture arrives. Plus, the shelves I have right now are fine. I just want to plan for growth and get something that’s not wobbling like it’s going to collapse with one wrong look. Right now, I’m looking at the Billy Bookcases from IKEA in black, but I don’t know 100% if that’s what I’m going to go with. If I do end up purchasing those, I’m hiring them to assemble for me. I’m not dealing with IKEA instructions. And the main reason I’m questioning them is that they’re $155 more than the shelves in white but literally every furniture piece I have is black or light wood with black, so white doesn’t match.

Anyways, that’s the new thing for today… new furniture. And I’m excited!

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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