First Impression of Satisfactory… This Game is Addicting

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A new game has recently been making it’s way into the gaming community that’s currently in early access. It’s called Satisfactory by the makers of Goat Simulator. You play as an employee of FicSit, a company looking to industrialize alien planets either by yourself or with a group of friends. The game drops you off and gives you some guidance on how to proceed with gathering and manufacturing resources through milestones located in the HUB.

At the moment there isn’t a full story or anything in the way of a narrative. It’s just here’s your parent make things to complete milestones. Each level getting more complex and in a way destroying the planet you landed on. From slaughtering the inhabitants for research, spewing toxic fumes into the air, and hollowing our the planet of all it’s resources. Those resources include iron, coal, limestone, and copper to just name the starting resources that are needed. There are a total of six tiers at the moment though developers state this might increase in the future.

You can choose one of three environments to start out with: Grass Fields, Northern Forest, or Rocky Desert. Each with it’s own drawbacks. Grass Fields gives you a lot of space to build but resources are far apart. Northern Forest has a lot of plants but not as much space for building. And Rocky Desert has more ores but less vegetation. Other than a different look to the map there isn’t much difference in gameplay at the moment between the worlds. As there isn’t much to the survival aspect at this time other than get food when you get low on health. But maybe in the future they will be expanded upon.

Another thing I would love to see some adjustment on is the layout of the blueprint GUI as it is just a mess at the moment. Would be nice if things were broken out by materials or tiers to make it easier to locate, but it’s not that massive of an issue since a lot of resources you make you’ll end up putting the machines to work for you from the use of constructors to assemblers or foundries. If you have everything being produced that way, you can just use the time in the game to explore and locate new resources while your operations are taking care of reaching the milestones for you.

I honestly thought I would get bored playing this game after a while but it has yet to do. Though my factory is a bit of a mess at the moment as over time my careful planning has devolved overtime as I try to make new things possible. And though I did engineering in college for two years before switching to computer administration, the game does a good job at getting you to think several steps ahead of planning to get your factory the best it can be. And what the correct next steps should be to adjust it to make those steps work. Like splitting your supplies in half to do multiple things to organizing the factory to be more efficient.

Coffee Stain Studios has a really great game in the works and I can’t wait to see where they take this in the future since it’s still in development at the moment. And to think this is the same developers who made the wacky game of goat simulator. If you want to try out the game out for yourself it’s available on Epic Games for $29.95. Not sponsored I just really enjoy it.


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