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EA recently had their Sims Camp for the next Expansion Pack coming to the Sims 4, and bloggers and YouTubers alike got to experience the first gameplay of the new world and content. While I was not at Sims Camp, I did watch many of reviews and previews of the new pack and there were a few things that really stuck out to me. I’ll do a more thorough review once the Expansion Pack is released on November 15th. But I wanted to get a few of my thoughts out there to begin with, noting they may change in the future when I get to play the pack for myself.

Del Sol Valley

This is the new world that Get Famous takes place in. It consists of three main areas: Mirage Park, The Pinnacles, and Starlight Boulevard. All with a look and feel of Los Angeles, California. Mirage Park is close to downtown and next to the busy highway system with three lots (two 40×30 lots and one empty 50×40 lot). The Pinnacles is where the stars live on top of the hills, all lots have houses built on them and only one of them is free of an existing family (two 50×40 lots and one 64×64 lot). Lastly, Starlight Boulevard is the downtown area complete with five locations, two of which are locked down by your celebrity level. This is also where you can get your sim spotted and start building your rise to fame. If you converted any of these lots into residential locations you would have the following lots to build on: one 20×20, two 30×30, and two 40×30.

Image Credit: Sims VIP

So in grand total there are only eleven lots in the entire world. Six if you don’t change the retail location. Which is insanely disappointing considering all of the other worlds we got in previous expansion packs. Also there is a massive section in the world that’s empty for the Hollywood like studios but you can’t visit there anyways so why not just make more residential blocks there. Especially like a mid-section for your sims, or even better apartment buildings, LA has a lot of those! More or less this is just a place to visit instead of have your sims live. They put so much detailing into the world, it’s a shame they didn’t add more houses to it instead of making cars and media vans that you can’t even get in buy debug mode.

Celebrity Perks

Something I really loved from the Vampire Expansion Pack was the ability to change what type of vampire your sims were. And different abilities unlocked as you gained experienced. So I was really happy to see they used that mechanic again in this expansion pack. Plus now you get to have a reputation and each side has their own abilities. Like special rewards or abilities such as getting things for free or getting calls to bring others down. As you rise to fame, your sim will get some quirks too like constantly being on the phone, not liking being touched by others, or other sims randomly calling you that you don’t know. You know like real celebrities deal with. So that’s going to be fun to explore in a mid-LP over on my gaming channel.

New Items

I get a lot of the new items are focused heavily around the new movie scene. There aren’t a lot of items not meant to be something worn on set by either the staff or actors. And same goes with the buy items at least of what I’ve seen. If there are other new items in the build/buy I’ve somehow just missed them as I didn’t want to get the entire pack spoiled for me. Though I do have to say with some of the old-time costumes now in the game with the Get Famous Expansion Pack, I am considering doing a Downtown Abbey like LP in the future as that would be a lot of fun. It’s just a thought at the moment but I’m very tempted to do that.

What is your thought on the new expansion pack from what’s been released/previewed so far?

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