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Flower Beauty Light Illusion Liquid Foundation L1 Porcelain Review


Flower Beauty FoundationThis is my final foundation that I had to test out. This is a new brand at Ulta that was started by Drew Barrymore, so I haven’t tried a lot of their products out but they are in the drugstore range. I really hope this works out as out of all of the drugstore foundations I’ve gotten recently, only one has really worked out for me. So here’s hoping this one works for me as well.

Claims on the Light Illusion Liquid Foundation:

FLOWER Beauty’s Light Illusion Liquid Foundation is the perfecting veil of buildable coverage. Light Illusion is a breakthrough foundation that achieves the impossible; provides you with the coverage you desire to smooth and perfect, while imparting your skin with the most flattering soft luminosity imaginable. All with a weightless, nude skin feel. Imperfections and uneven skintone are diminished. Only a flawless, smooth, and incredibly natural complexion is revealed. Available in 12 skin-perfecting shades.

This foundation does give a slight luminosity but very subtly. I didn’t notice the foundation looking cakey or settling into my fine lines right away like I did with the other foundations I’ve tried lately. Which was already a great sign. And this continued for hours afterwards, which is amazing!

I also used the smallest amount of foundation and got everything covered. And by the smallest amount, I mean like two pumps and typically with other foundations I was using around three or four just to get the same amount. And that I really love, because I don’t have to use as much.

However, I would love them to come out with a lighter shade as porcelain is too dark for my pale skin. You can’t really tell in the pictures as I blended down my neck, but I would love them to come out with more shades. Especially concerning they only have 12 shades in this range: 4 being considered light, 5 being considered medium, and 3 being considered dark. They need fair and deep dark shades as those aren’t in their list. I don’t know if they are planning on expanding the range in the future as this is a new brand, but I really hope they do. At least it’s summer coming up so I should be able to match the shade coming up or just need to use a little self tanner to match it better.

Overall, I really love this foundation and will be keeping it in my collection to use on a regular basis with my other go-to foundations. And I really need to get some other products from Flower Beauty to try out since they are newer. If you’ve tried this foundation or anything else from Flower Beauty, what do you think of them or what products do you recommend?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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