Flower Beauty Miracle Matte Lip Wear Test, Review & Swatches

Flower Beauty Miracle Matte LipI have been stuck in a runt between two liquid lipstick loves of mine: ColourPop and Jeffree Star Cosmetics. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I love the formulas of their liquid lipsticks. But I wanted to branch out and try some other formulas, and one that caught my attention was the Flower Beauty Miracle Matte Lip. Which is a new brand at Ulta from Drew Barrymore, but I believe they’ve been in various Walmarts for years though they only recently started appearing in ones near me. So I picked up three shades as the selection at Walmart was extremely picked over.

The shades I decided to go with were: Almost Nude, Dark and Stormy, and Bare Honey. There are a few other shades that I want to get, but I don’t know if I’m going to be ordering them right away.

Each tube is $9.99 and contains 0.18 oz of product.

Flower Beauty Miracle Matte


Claims from Flower Beauty

FLOWER Beauty’s Miracle Matte Liquid Lip Color the softest, most comfortable matte lip that wears all day. This water based formula gives you non-drying comfortable wear. Smoothing complex gives lips a creaseless & seamless look. Lips appear softer and smoother with a blurring effect that creates a fuller lip look. This is a high impact bold look that lasts!

Wear Test & Review

The first thing I noticed when trying this liquid lipstick is that it doesn’t dry to being completely matte right away. It takes about ten minutes to dry then it’s completely matte and didn’t transfer if I touched my lips. Similar to the ColourPop liquid lipsticks, I could feel the product on my lips throughout the day. Which isn’t a negative, but just something I couldn’t help but notice.

Flower Beauty Bare Honey 10 Hours

Hour 12 or 13 of wearing the shade Bare Honey

After three hours of wearing the liquid lipstick, I could still feel the lipstick on my lips. but it’s not uncomfortable. It feels rather soft actually. I took a look at my lips and you could see the fine lines quite clearly in my lips. So I wouldn’t say this is seamless or creaseless, but I don’t think it looked bad either. At this point, I haven’t eaten or drank anything so nothing has messed with the lips so far into this wear test.

After eating a burger and fries while enjoying some pop the lipstick did start to show wear. I was wearing a nude shade so you couldn’t really notice… but as Safiya Nyagaard says the butt-hole was definitely showing. I resisted the urge to touch up my lipstick just to see how much longer it would last. One thing I also noticed after eating, was that I didn’t feel the lipstick on my lips as much as I did prior to eating. Now it didn’t just go to feeling like nothing, but it just felt lighter than before.

Throughout the rest of the day, I was drinking some Dr. Pepper so that didn’t help the butt-hole situation on my lips. But again, I was wearing a nude so it wasn’t obvious. I also did not notice a ring of transferred lipstick on my Dr. Pepper bottle so it didn’t seem like anything new was being removed. Though I was at work so I couldn’t confirm or deny how the remaining five hours went from lunch to end of shift on when specific things occurred.

But when I did end up catching it next was around the ten hour mark since applying the liquid lipstick. There was a very clear line where the lipstick was wearing and was breaking apart in the corners from where the lipstick had worn away during the day. But considering it was ten or eleven hours later I will give it a pass since that it still lasted and looked almost completely good by the end of the day.

Overall, I love the formula and will most likely get some more shades since this wore so well and was extremely comfortable even though you can feel it on the lips all day long.

Bare Honey

Almost Nude

Dark & Stormy

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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