Flower Beauty Warrior Glitter Shadow in Camo & Poison Review

Flower Beauty Warrior Glitter Shadows.jpg

The other day while I was at Ulta with my sister (she was replacing one of my palettes that she shattered the other night), I noticed these Warrior Glitter Shadows from Flower Beauty. And I got really into liquid eyeshadows from the ColourPop Supernova Shadows, and I really wanted to give these a try since they have a green and blue that ColourPop don’t have in their range. There are six different shades in this collection but I only picked up the shades Camo and Poison since they were different from the other liquid shadows I already have from ColourPop.

These liquid shadows like the ColourPop Supernova shadows dry down completely so they don’t crease on your eyes. And keep the glitter from falling all over your face, which is a huge positive for me. As I hate applying loose glitter but I love glitter on my eyes. So these are amazing solutions to get the look without all of the problems that come from glitter. I really love these warrior shadows as they are super lightweight but I have to say the angled applicator is a little difficult to put back into the container.

Each of these warrior shadows costs $11 and contains 0.14 oz of product. I might get the other four shades from this collection as I find it them really nice and more glittery than the ColourPop Supernova shadows which are more of a metallic look as compared to a glitter. Then again I already have a lot of similar shades in the other formula, so I’m not sure. But I do hope that Flower Beauty expands this collection.

I decided to do this eyeshadow look inspired by the shade Camo if you wanted to see this shadow in action.

What do you think of liquid shadows? I seriously am in love with them and want to try out a few more formulas and just have a nice collection to reach for. Let me know what some of your favorites are and I’ll try them out sometime in the future!

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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