Four Pets I Want to Get in the Future

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If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know I’m in between homes at the moment living at my mom’s place while I wait for the lease to expire at the other place. I’ll probably wait a few more months afterwards to save some money then I’m going to move into a place of my own. And when I move I want to get a few new furry friends to join the pack.

I have always loved animals and I seriously have always wanted to have what a lot of people would consider a zoo since I would have many animals all of different species. And right now I only have Pixie Bug. So this is a little list of pets that I seriously want to get.

2018-01-27 18.38.29Another Dog

This will come with no surprise, I want a second dog. Plus once we’re not living with Winnie, Pixie is seriously going to need a sibling. She’s been living with another dog for two years now and thrives with it. So a second dog is a must. Depending on where I move that will change what kind of dog I get. Pixie is 22 pounds so she’s under almost every weight limit so I’m not worried about her. But her sibling will be effected by where we go. But the main two breeds I want to get, or rather a mix with those breeds, are: German Shepard and Klee Kai (which is a miniature version of a Husky). If I got a German Shepard mix I would name her Gracie. While if I got a Alaskan Klee Kai mix, I would name her Miki which means Little (like my little wolf) or Mykie (after Glam & Gore who introduced me to the breed). Of course it would be a mutt and of course adopted. So it also depends on who out there needs adopting, but most like will be a German Shepard mix as those are very easy to find.


This is a critter I have always loved. And my mom would never, NEVER let me get one when I was growing up. These guys are so cute and fun. They are very intelligent and can be taught tricks just like a dog. But this will most likely not be a pet I join to the pack right away as I have to plan a place that’s big enough for a large home for Chinchi (yes I know, so original and dumb but it’s always what I’ve wanted to name one) and it’s sibling since chinchillas are very social creatures. Also I have to plan an area where they can run around without Pixie or future sibling to bother them since they are a rodent after all. So Pixie would not get along with them. But one day I will have one.


When I was in college, I had a fish for two years named Rai who was a betta fish. I loved the little guy. And I seriously miss having a fish. This will be something that I get right away with a good sized tank. I don’t know if I’m going to get another betta fish or a few fish of a different type. But a fish is a must!


When I was in elementary school/junior high school, I had three red eared sliders named Wildthing, Sassy (Wacko… sister made me change the name to an S), and Sammy. I had them for about a year and a half in total (I had them all at different times) but at the time didn’t know how to properly care for them and could never keep their tank warm enough as every heat pad kept failing so unfortunately one Minnesota winter, they didn’t make it. And I would love to get another one or a different type of turtle. I have educated myself a lot since then and would love to get one in the future to care for it.

Of course two of these species are considered exotics so before I get them, I want to make sure I have a vet lined up that could see them if I ever needed them to have a check up. I remember when Sammy started to have issues due to the heat pad, and finding a vet in my area is quite difficult. So I need to ensure that’s lined up before I adopt those. And yes, you can adopt not shop turtles and chinchillas. What animal have you always wanted but never got for one reason or another? Or what pet do you really want in the future?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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