Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator: Hidden Lore

I probably love Five Nights at Freddy’s lore way more than actually playing the games. As jumpscares just really aren’t my thing, but the hidden lore behind the game make me way more interested in them. So when Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator came out with the possibly of not having any jumpscares, I was all for it! As I could dig into the game to find the lore without dealing with the jumpscares. I tried to capture them all on my YouTube Let’s Play series but the game would crash every time then corrupt the recording so I couldn’t share them on there. So we’re sharing them on here.

Fruity Maze Arcade

How to Unlock the Lore: Collect all the fruit three times.

This will reveal Springtrap (with presumably Purple Guy/William Afton inside the suit) behind the little girl that flashes on the screen every time the time gets extended. Who will later be brought/kidnapped behind the pizzeria and later become the security puppet. As you can imagine this game is the origins of the security puppet and how it plays into the other games.

Candy Cadet’s Stories

Getting one of Candy Cadet’s stories can be difficult and require that you use all of your play tokens sometimes just to get to one of them. But each one reveal a little bit about the lore of Five Nights at Freddy’s.

“Now I will tell you a story about a young woman who was sealed in a small room. In the room was a furnace and five keys. She was told that each of the five keys would unlock one of five doors outside her room. Inside each room was a child that she could take with her as she fled the building. But she was only allowed to leave her own room with one key, not all five. Desperate to find a way to save all five children, the woman melted the five keys together in the furnace to create a single key, hoping it would unlock all five doors. But, of course, it did not work that way. Now her key opened none of the doors. Rather than leaving her room with a key to one life, she had taken with her the key to five deaths.”

— Five Keys Story

“Now I will tell you a story. A story about a kind man who would visit five orphans and bring them toys and gladness. The man lived alone and lived in fear that someone might break into the house of one of the five children. So he adopted all five and brought them together in one place in his own home. He promised them to never leave them, and they promised to always come home and never stay out too late. He left one day to buy food, his heart being filled with gladness, but returned to find that the burglar had chosen his home and killed all five of the children. The man could only afford one coffin, so he stitched the five bodies together to make one, and buried the child. That night, there was a knock at the door.”

— Five Orphans Story

“Now I will tell you a story about a little boy. He had a red snake that he kept in a metal cage whose hunger could not be satisfied. One day, the boy found five baby kittens outside his house. He brought them inside and kept them in a shoebox. He knew that the snake might kill them, but could not bring himself to get rid of the snake. He knew that if he chose one kitten to feed to the snake, it might be satisfied, but he could not choose. So, he went to bed, leaving the cage open. The snake went to the shoebox, chose a kitten at random, and ate it. After five nights had gone by, the boy was full of regrets, and cut the snake open. He pieced the remains together and put the kitten back into the shoebox.”

— Five Kittens Story

Basically just various ways of the trying to save or put the missing/killed children back together again. Minus the case of Five Orphans, which is probably more of the mindset of William Afton towards the children he took from their parents while they were visiting his pizzeria. The story about the keys is most likely from the perspective of the puppet trying to give life or save the children the best way it can. Whereas, the Five Kittens is probably from William Afton’s son who knew his father was dangerous but was powerless to stop him from killing those kids.

Security Puppet

If you mange to save up enough money for the Security Puppet, this has hidden lore locked inside of the mini-game. This mini-game basically just shows you who takes over and possesses the security puppet that in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 “Give Life” to the main animatronics: Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy. This is further shown in the ending with the flashes to the little girl who died behind the pizzeria and the security puppet she becomes.

How to Unlock the Lore: Wait — there is no child with green. When you’re trapped, wait until you’re set free, then go through the door and help out the child straight ahead.

Midnight Motorist

To unlock the hidden lore in Midnight Motorist, you’ll need to keep your eyes open for a hole located at the bottom of the track. It typically appears after you’ve completed a few laps. Upon entering the hole, you’ll find yourself in a secret area. You can take a left at the fork to visit JRs restaurant, then head back out and continue down the path. At the end, you’ll encounter a house with some interesting clues in regards to the story. In addition, there’s a blocked path nearby that you’ll want to explore in order to spot the mysterious gravestone.

You will also get this dialog if you go down the hidden place in the minigame:

Green Man: “Come on, you know you can’t be here. Don’t make this more difficult than it has to be.”

Another path will take you to a blue house. Inside you’ll find something watching TV. Someone: “Leave him alone tonight. He had a rough day.”

Moving up you’ll find a locked door. Orange Man: “I told you not to close your door. This is my house. He can’t ignore me like that. I’ll find a way from outside.”

Going outside you’ll find a window broken with foosteps leading to the woods. Orange Man: “Ran off to that place again. He will be sorry when he gets back.” Worth noticing an animatronic footprint nearby the broken window.

This reveals more about the Purple Guy’s son who has been trying to clean up after his father, William Afton. He’s trying to put back together his broken family or out their souls to rest in the wake of what his father did. Sure he’s done wrong, but not enough where he should be placed in jail.


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