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Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator


Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator is the sixth installment of the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise where you play as a new owner of a Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. You spend your days ordering supplies and completing maintenance while there are animatronics crawling in the massive vents to your office. And they come “check” on you based off the noise you are making. So it’s best to make sure there is music or audio playing elsewhere in the vents as advertisements and printing items will draw them to you. They get into your new establishment from salvages and discounted purchases you make for your pizzeria. Oh and the fans that cool your room also pose a danger as those draw them to you as well.

Running the Pizzeria

So how do you defend yourself?

  • Activate the motion sensor
  • Watch the motion sensor screen until you see where the animatronic is
  • Switch to the Audio tool and click in the room above the animatronic
  • With the audio on, perform the next task in your to-do list
  • If you now hear the animatronic beast next to you, shut everything down (fan and screen)
  • Wait until the animatronic is gone

And just repeat until everything on your list is complete then you can sign out of your workstation for the day. If you fail, you will get jumpscared by the animatronics.

Running the pizzeria is straight forward other than that. You get option to buy items to improve your restaurant. Advertising will bring in instant cash boost, but they will join on your computer went draws the animatronics to you. So as nice as the boost is, it might be a good idea to take it easy on them. Though it’s totally your call. I haven’t fully figured this aspect of the game out. The Candy Cadet will almost always earn you an immediate 1000 Faz Points.

There are a few lore items that are in the game, I’ve so far managed to find three but there could be more:

  • Fruity Maze Arcade – To unlock the FNAF lore you must collect all the fruit, then collect it all again, and then collect it all for a third time.
  • Midnight Motorist – To unlock the FNAF lore you must enter the hole towards the end of the track. Once inside go left at the fork and then carry on until you reach a blocked path. Keep Continue and you’ll reach a blocked path. Don’t let that stop you. Carry on looking for a path.
  • Security Puppet – Getting the lore in this game is pretty simple. After being trapped, wait to be released. Once you’re free, go through the door and then help the child.

Salvaging Animatronics

If you don’t buy discounted bulky items, this will be the only place you risk gaining more animatronics that escape into your vents. You are given the choice at the beginning of every salvage to toss them back into the alley. Doing this will make completing task fairly easy.  However, Springtrap, a nasty rabbit animatronic can appear if you buy any of the items on sale. It is thought that he is hiding in some items. But if you avoid these items, you don’t have to deal with him in the game.

To complete a salvage, you do this after every day shift. A new animatronic will be place in front of you that was “found” in the back alley. You will listen to five nice surveys and mark down the responses to each on your paper. From there was a response to there was not. Note, while writing down your notes, the animatronic can and will move. You can zap them up to three times before you start damaging them thus lowering their value. At the end of a salvage, if you don’t die and let them escape into the vents you get a nice cash bonus.

Overall Thoughts

Oh and unlike the previous games, this one is completely free on Steam. So if you’ve been curious about the game but haven’t played any of them this is a good introduction. As you have the monitoring on the computer, animatronics coming from the left and right. And tons of jumpscares. Plus though I fully haven’t combed the game for all the lore, it’s a good introduction to what the franchises the remaining games are based on.


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