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Free Handing a Half-Sleeve With 2-Weeks Tattoos From InkBox


I’ve used InkBox before and did a review of InkBox when I first started using this. I seriously love giving myself tattoos using this stuff since it lasts for weeks. I normally use the 10ml bottle and that lasts a long time! I have gone through one bottle after giving myself various half sleeves around seven times. This is my most recent half sleeve that I have given myself. And I seriously love it. I’m not sure if I would ever actually get a half sleeve anytime soon since I can’t afford to get any tattoos at the moment. But I love when I have half sleeves with InkBox. And generally they are roses or paw prints. So I think if I ever get one it’s going to be a combination of the two.


ad68f-imgAfter First Being Applied

Immediately after washing away the ink

24 hours later, not a deep black/blue due to the line work being thin/lightly applied.

About Inkbox

Though the application and concept is similar to henna, it is not henna. Natural henna comes out brown and takes 2 hours to set. Black henna contains PPD which is not safe for the skin as it causes permanent scarring. Inkbox is 100% natural and safe for the skin, it also has a blue/black result and sets between 15 minutes to 1 hour between on if you are using a patch or free hand. The blue/black is from the Genipa Plant Extract that is in the formula for the ink.

About InkBox Tribe

InkBox also has a program called Tribe where you can earn points through purchases, and various other things. If you would like to try InkBox yourself, if you click on this link you will get $5 off your purchase. I do get Tribe points for this, but this can get you some money off your purchase. There are three tiers within Tribe that get you various rewards, this is straight off their website on what each tier is:

In addition you can use the points to get coupons to help purchase items. I’m currently saving up my points to get another set of 10ml bottles so I can freehand some more designs as my bottles are still the ones I’ve had since September 2016… I think they might just be at their “End of Life” point since they have a 1 year shelf life. But considering how much I’ve used it I freaking love them!

How To Apply

Patch Formula

  • First you pick your design on their website, of which they have hundreds to choose from.
  • Apply the tattoo pressing down on the pattern for 15 minutes.
  • The design will develop within 12-24 hours similar to that of Henna.

Freehand Ink Bottle Formula

These 10ml needle tip bottles can be purchased individually or in a set of two or three. Then you just draw on the design where ever you like, but make sure you apply a thick amount of the ink to get the full result. Much like decorating a cake. Then you leave it sit for 1 hour, making sure you do not touch or disturb the pattern in any way during that time period. When that hour is up, wash away the ink with soap and water. Then the pattern like the patch formula will develop in 12-24 hours.


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